Jewelry: 17 DIY Safety Pin Earrings

You drooled over the out-of-the-box look of the uber-chic safety pin earrings on Miley Cyrus, Kourtney Kardashian, Hillary Duff and other stars.  Now it is your turn to hog the spotlight flaunting these beauties. While there are many brands that make these pricey pieces in gold, white gold, silver and diamond, you will be amazed at […]

Craft: How to Make Ribbon Roses: 21 DIYs

Gorgeous roses made from colorful ribbons would be a unique way to beautify the interiors of your home. If you are fascinated towards decorating your home with artificial flowers, then a set of tutorials would facilitate you in making an array of bright-colored roses using showy ribbons. DIY Ribbon Roses Quick and Easy Way to […]

Jewelry: 12 Photo Lockets and Pendants

Photo lockets make cool gifts as well as unforgettable mementos and are most often used to design a necklace, bracelet or even cufflinks. Here are a few tutorials with detailed instructions for adding some picturesque charm and cherishing the fond memories once again. Photo Lockets and Pendants Quick and Easy Photo Pendant The magic of […]

Craft: 14 Beaded Garland Ideas

The shimmering strands of glinting beads are a welcome change to any wedding decoration, birthday party favors, or simply a wall hanging art. Hang, wound, or just drape a beaded garland to brighten up your interior space with flashes of color. The trick of making the garland is easy and would barely take time. Refer […]