Craft: 11+ Ways of Making Glitter Wine Glasses

It’s always great when
it’s glittery. Making glitter wine glasses may be a bit tiresome, but the more
you make them, the more will you get wonderful ideas and the end results will
be amazing.  With fancy glitter wine
glasses, you can jazz up your evenings of celebration quite a lot. It adds to
your creativity and at the same time, adorns your shelves at home.

The basic items which
you will need to make glitter wine glasses are loose glitter, Mod Podge glass
glue (to keep your DIY glitter wine glasses dishwasher safe and washable),
paintbrush, painter’s tape, and sealing spray to seal the glitter on wine
glasses. Here are some handmade glitter wine glasses’ ideas you can try out at

1. Unique Way of Making Glitter Wine Glasses

If you want to keep it minimal and
smart, you could try this method. The process of glittering here is less messy
and gives a neat and debonair finish.  This
can also be an incredible glitter wine glass gift set.

Glitter Wine Glasses

2. Glitter DIY Wine Glasses

It can get a bit messy and
you may have to keep on trying until it looks perfect, but once the whole thing
is done, you will be amazed to see how it great it looks. It can be made with
simple stuff like thick glue, glitter and a paint brush. These DIY glitter
dipped wine glasses are a great gift idea for anyone.

DIY Glitter Wine Glasses

3. How to Make Glitter Wine Glasses for
Special Events

Any special event will
need a special attribute and you could make your next house party special by
trying out this idea of glittering your wine glasses with quirky designs. These
glitter covered wine glasses will definitely come across as an amazingly
creative host. Once you get the basic idea, you can explore your creativity
with glitter dipped wine glass tutorials.

How to Glitter Wine Glasses

4. DIY Instructions for Gold Glitter Dipped
Stemless Wine Glasses

With toothpicks, rubber bands,
glitter, and glue, you can make these cute stemless wine glasses look even
cuter by adorning them with glitter, and these glitter bottom stemless wine
glasses add to the elegance of your parties. These work great as gifts ideas,
and by following the simple steps here, you can neatly glitter your stemless
wine glasses.

Glitter Stemless Wine Glasses

5. Personalized Glitter Wine Glasses

If you want to gift someone something special and meaningful, then this
is the one for you. You can use glitters on a wine glass to write names on it
and make it look gorgeous. It’s easy to make and these custom glitter wine
glasses are a great gift idea too. Be it for your mother on Mother’s Day or for
your loved one on Valentine’s Day, personalized glitter wine glasses are always
heartwarming as gifts. If someone you know is getting married, you can get them
couple glitter wine glasses that have the words bride and groom inscribed on
them. Glitter monogram wine glass is also a very innovative gift idea.

Unique Personalized Glitter Wine Glasses

6. Glitter Stem Drip Wine Glass

This involves essentially a blend of two sparkles, and even though
it might be a bit difficult job to do, the end result is amazing. This can be a
cherry on top for all your house parties, and your guests will know that you
have a knack for art. This idea for glitter stem wine glasses DIY will nurture
your creativity.

Glitter Stem Wine Glass

7. Golden Glitter Dipped Wine Glass

This tutorial will help you make a very trim and
tasteful glitter wine glass. It’s an easy step by step process, and with a tape,
you can measure just the amount of your wine glass you want to be dipped in
glitter. This glitter dipped wine glass will be like a cherry on top for your
party, and you can also try out the rose gold glitter to sparkle your wine

Glitter Dipped Wine Glass

8. Pink and Other Colors for Glitter Wine

A lot of people are a huge fan of pink. Thus, glitter wine glass of
this hue is a great idea for wedding gifts. 
You can try embellishing the wine glasses with glitters of different
colors too, like ombre or purple. Red glitter wine glasses are also a good idea
for decorating your house.

Pink Glitter Wine Glasses

9. Disney Themed Glitter Wine Glass

Want to bring your childhood back? Make your own favorite Disney
character and decorate the stem with the glitter of your favorite color. It’s a
great idea for a birthday party for your kids, and they will love the new idea.
It can be a Minnie Mouse glitter wine glass, Little Mermaid glitter wine glass
or other Disney princesses’ or a fairy themed wine glass. You can also try out
other fictional or cartoon characters, like Harry Potter or a Minion or Wonder
Woman, to put on your glitter wine glass.

Disney Glitter Wine Glass

Animal print glitter wine glasses are also
a great idea for your kid’s birthday party. You can try making a giraffe or a
leopard print glitter wine glass. If it’s a kitty party you’re hosting, you can
make a glitter lady wine glass.

Giraffe (Animal) Print Glitter Wine Glass

10. Plastic Wine Glass with Silver Glitter

If you think glass could not be great for
your party, you could try to jazz your party up with silver glitter plastic
cups. They are easy to make, and you can be comfortable while making them too
for plastic doesn’t come with the risk of breaking. You can try the same thing
with gold glitter or with glitter of any other color.

Glitter Plastic Wine Glass

11. Glitter Wine Glasses for Christmas

As Christmas is the time to celebrate, you’ve got to add sparkles to
the festivities. Decorate your wine glasses with glitters and sparkles, and you
can use these for your Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. DIY Christmas
glitter wine glasses will make your holiday party a great hit. These Xmas
glitter wine glasses will call for a memorable festive season.

Christmas Glitter Wine Glasses

With the help of these ideas, you can make
your glitter wine glasses, and personalize them for any occasion, be it a
wedding, a birthday, or a close – knit house party. These DIY ideas will take
you through the process of making various glitter wine glasses. It may seem a
tad bit difficult and convoluted initially, but with practice, you will get
better at this art.

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