Craft: 24 Ways of Making Santa Handprints

It’s never too late to start planning for Christmas. The
first thing that crosses our mind when we talk of Christmas is Santa, and it’s
always great to put our thoughts into actions. Santa
handprint art will add numerous colors to your Christmas celebrations, and make
it memorable. Be it Santa handprint interior decoration or Santa Claus
handprint cards, to bring in the joy of making Santa handprint craft is always
a great idea to kick start your winter vacation. These Santa face handprint
craft ideas will add to your creativity.

1. Unique Santa Handprint

You can make this cute ornament for your Xmas tree by
following these simple steps.  Christmas
is never fun without a bit of Santa handprint craft.

Santa Handprint

2. Cute and Funky Santa Handprint Ornament

This tutorial will take you through the process of making
handprint Santa salt dough ornaments. You can keep these for a long time as
they are pretty durable.

Santa Handprint Ornament

3. Appealing Santa Claus Handprint Craft Idea

Bring out your creative side by participating with your kid
in this tutorial. You can make fun and offbeat Santa Claus handprint designs
now yourself.

Santa Claus Handprint

4. Quirky Santa Ornament Craft Idea

Your kids will love this. And you
will be amazed at how great these Santa handprint ornaments will light your
Christmas up.

Santa Handprint Craft

5. Fun and Simple Idea for Salt Dough Santa
Handprint Ornaments

You can make these simple ornaments by using just the ingredients
found at home. They are easy and great to make and adds to the fun of

Salt Dough Santa Handprint

6. Cool Handprint Santa Claus Craft Idea

Sending out cards? This year do it differently by making
Santa handprint greeting cards to show your relatives how much you care.

Handprint Santa Claus Craft

7. Festive Homemade Santa Handprint Ornament

These are special Christmas craft ideas. Making the face of
Santa on handprints is a great way to start your Christmas, and this tutorial will
guide you through it.

Homemade Santa Handprint Ornament

8. Handprint Santa Plate to Nurture Your Creativity

You can make a wonderful Santa handprint art with the help
of this tutorial. Create your own pretty Santa handprint plates and hang it on
the wall to make your festivities shine bright.

Santa Handprint Plate

9. Santa Handprint Ornament to Embellish Your Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree can be decorated with this pretty
handprint Santa ornament craft. They are easy and fun to make.

Santa Handprint Ornament for Xmas Tree

10. Unique Santa Claus Handprint Art

Indulge in some art with your kid. Make these cute Santa
face handprint crafts with the help of this tutorial.

Santa Claus Handprint Art

11. Santa Claus Handprint Card to Spread Love

Cards always show how much you care. And when they have a
personal touch, they are the best. This simple yet appealing Santa Claus
handprint card idea will make your loved ones happy. You can use this a Santa
handprint ornament for your Xmas tree or design for your greeting card with it.

Santa Claus Handprint Card

12. Santa Handprint Cookie Plate for Serving Munchies in Style

It’s Christmas, so don’t go for the regular cookie plates
when you serve your guests. Follow this tutorial and make this pretty Santa
handprint cookie plate.

Handprint Santa Cookie Plate

13. Santa Handprint Ornament Craft to Bond with Your Kids

With just salt and regular flour, you can make these nice
Santa handprint ornaments for Christmas. Your kids will have a great time this

Santa Handprint Ornament Craft

14. Make Your Favorite Santa and Reindeer
Handprint Craft

Santa remains incomplete without reindeer, so this handprint
Santa and reindeer art will make your Christmas seem complete.

Handprint Santa and Reindeer

15. Send Your Unique Christmas Handprint Card

Make this funny Santa handprint Christmas card to and spread
the joy of Christmas among one and all. It works as a great way of bonding in
the festive season.

Santa Handprint Christmas Card

16. Distinguished Christmas Décor With Salt
Dough Santa Handprint Ornament

Not just for your Christmas tree, but you can also use these
ornaments as a keepsake. This Santa handprint ornament recipe is easy and quick
to make.

Salt Dough Santa Handprint Ornament

17. Pretty Santa Claus Handprint Ornament Craft

It’s always great to explore with craft, and with this
tutorial, you can make nice and quick Christmas Santa handprint ornaments.

Handprint Santa Ornament Craft

18. Santa Handprint Painted Card to Add Colors to the Festive Season

Love playing with paint? Relive your childhood this
Christmas by making this Santa handprint art with the help of this tutorial.

Santa Handprint Painted Card

19. Make This Santa Handprint with Your Baby

Babies are always curious, and it’s good to pique their
curiosity even more. Let them have some this Christmas as they make these cute little
Santa handprint ornaments with their chubby handprints.

Baby Santa Handprint Ornaments

20. Charming Handprint Santa Christmas Craft

If you are getting bored at home and Christmas is around the
corner, you can start making this amazing craft, and you’ll make this
innovative Santa handprint craft.

Christmas Craft of Handprint Santa

21. DIY Santa Handprint Ornament for an Artsy Christmas

It is always great to explore the world of craft as much as
possible. You can make this cute handprint Santa ornament to hang from your
Christmas tree yourself.

DIY Santa Handprint Ornament

22. How to Make Salt Dough Santa Handprint

Make the most of your Christmas by spending your time making
these cute Christmas décor for your tree. These handprint Santa Claus ornaments
are great gift ideas too. Click above for the salt dough recipe of the

Salt Dough Santa Handprint Ornaments

23. Make Your Christmas Special with Santa Face
Handprint Craft

Santa’s face will always cheer you up, no matter what. So,
with the help of this tutorial, you can have it made very easily.

Santa Face Handprint Craft

24. Make Santa Handprint Ornament with Clay

The tutorial is for any clay handprint ornament, but you can
make your favorite Santa handprint art by just painting your hands red and
white and imprinting that on the clay.

Clay Santa Handprint Ornament

These are some simple Santa handprint tutorials which will lighten up your winters. You can be as experimental as you want and explore the vast world of craft. These DIY craft ideas will make your holidays ingenious and fresh.

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