Craft: 19+ Unicorn Headband DIYs

Unicorn headbands are a rage at parties and carnivals. The
floral unicorn headbands suit women as well as younger children. The large horn
is the highlight of the DIY headbands. That makes it a glamorous addition to any
celebration. However, if you want to be more discreet, you can cover the
headbands with flowers or plush designs.

1. Tutorial for Unicorn Headbands

You need to first transfer the horn and ears templates to glitter foam sheets and cut them out. Then make the horn by rolling the sheets according to the instructions. A metallic elastic thread is wrapped around the horn for enhancing its looks.

Unicorn Headbands

2. Make a Unicorn Horn Headband

You can use this gorgeous headband at photo booths of
unicorn parties. It can also be used as a part of Halloween costumes and to
enhance your bedroom décor. To make the horn,
a cardboard cone is covered in glue, then
glitter, allowed to dry and spray painted in clear gloss paint.

Unicorn Horn Headband

3. DIY Unicorn Headband with Flowers

Here, white cardstock is rolled in a cone shape and secured
nicely with a hot glue gun. It would be the unicorn horn. You should try to
make the cone tip as small as possible. Then hot glue a ribbon, trim or gold
metallic paper around the cone. You can use a green and red color scheme if you
are making it for Christmas.

DIY Unicorn Headband

4. Unicorn Headband Guide

This unicorn headband is quite easy to do and can be designed in about 30 minutes. Craft flowers
add to the beauty of the accessory. The
horn is made by rolling a piece of white
felt into a cone.

How to Make a Unicorn Headband

You can also decorate the headband with pieces of purple,
blue, yellow, orange tulle for a rainbow unicorn horn headband. It would look
great at parties.

Rainbow Unicorn Headband

5. Unicorn Headbands for Adults

These beauties are not made
with any set template. Just cut out a triangular shape out of white felt
without the tip. Roll it into a cone and secure it with hot glue. A thread is wound around
it for making the horn unique.

Adult Unicorn Headbands

6. DIY Unicorn Headband for Baby

Baby Unicorn Headband

7. How to Make Unicorn Horn Headbands

This tutorial comes with a pattern for the unicorn horn and
uses an elastic band and craft flowers. Scrap fabric is cut according to the pattern, sewn along the edges and filled
with polyester fiberfill.

DIY Unicorn Horn Headbands

8. Unicorn Girl’s Headband

This pink headband would be
adored by your little girl and she
would love to wear it for her birthday. If you want, you can decorate the
headband with red silk flowers instead of pink.

Girl’s Unicorn Headband

You can cut the ears out of black felt and attach a black horn to the headband for teaming your accessory with a black outfit. Dark colors deem it fit as a Gothic headgear. You can also make it furry by attaching artificial fur. Glow in the dark paint would make it an attention grabber at parties.

Black Unicorn Headband

9. Unicorn Kid’s Headband

Younger children like preschoolers and toddlers would love
to wear this headband for pretend play.
Paper flowers add to the looks. You can also decorate it with marabou feathers.

Kid’s Unicorn Headband

10. Unicorn Headbands for Birthday Party

Unicorn Birthday Headbands

11. Unicorn Headband as Party Favor

Kids might like to wear this cute headband for unicorn
themed parties and while playing make-believe.
A plastic headband serves as the base of the DIY. The ears are made of in two colors of felt. You can
choose pink felt for a girl and blue for a boy.

Unicorn Headband Party Favor

How about giving the ears a miss and decorating the headband
with tulle? You can use dark or light pastel shades of the fabric that is tied to the headband for a nifty look. The
horn would look good in gold, silver or a black and gold combination.

DIY Unicorn Headband with Tulle

12. Flower Unicorn Headbands

Unicorn Flower Headbands

13. Unicorn Headbands for Party

Unicorn Party Headbands

14. Easy DIY Unicorn Headband

Easy DIY Unicorn Headband Tutorial

15. Homemade Gold Unicorn Horn Headband

In the above-linked article, you need to scroll down to the part
that speaks about making the unicorn headband. You have to take a toilet paper
roll and twist it into a conical shape. It is
later covered with fine golden glitter.

Homemade Unicorn Horn Headband

16. Newborn Felt Unicorn Headband Directions

Newborn Felt Unicorn Headband

17. Make Your Own White Fuzzy Unicorn Headband

White Fuzzy Unicorn Headband

18. DIY Children’s Unicorn Headband with Elastic

DIY Children’s Elastic Unicorn Headband

19. Unicorn Headband Made Out Of Paper

Paper Unicorn Headband

We are sure that the lovely pictures of the headbands would inspire you in the craft. They would add a fun twist to your parties. You can decorate the DIY headbands with satin ribbons, rhinestones and fabric of your choice. Do let us know how the unicorn headbands turned out.

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