Craft: 37+ Creative Easter Egg Decorating Design Ideas

Decorated Easter eggs can be a fab dinner table centerpiece
and can also be displayed elsewhere in your house for the holidays. You can put
them in decorative Easter baskets to give your home décor a facelift. It would be fun to involve the whole family in the
activity. Preschoolers, toddlers, teens can design eggs at home or in
school. Tweens would love to design for their boyfriends or husbands. All in
all, it would be a wonderful experience as you anticipate the warmer months.

1. Mess-Free Easter Egg Decorating

These charming Easter eggs designs are made by wrapping them with colorful washi paper. It involves no
dying. The tutorial includes instructions for emptying the eggs out.

Easter Egg Decorating

2. Chocolate Easter Egg Decorations

These yummy hand-decorated Easter eggs are coated with chocolate. You need to melt
white or dark chocolate in a bowl, let cool and put the runny liquid in a
piping bag. Then just put the chocolate in zig-zag lines over the hard-boiled

Easter Egg Decorations

3. Awesome Easter Egg Decorating Idea

Permanent markers of various colors are the main supplies of
these decorative Easter eggs. The eggs for the project should be white with
their white portion and yolk blown out.
You can make different patterns like football, cars, zentangle on the eggs. A cracked egg design would be unique. Note
that symmetrical designs often make the eggs look good.

Easter Egg Decorating Idea

4. Flower Easter Egg Decorating Idea For

This DIY requires hard boiled brown eggs, decorative paper and fresh flowers. It doesn’t require you to
dye. It is pretty simple and you can
include children in the process if you want.

Easter Egg Decorating Idea For Adults

5. How Do You Decorate Easter Eggs

This Czech-style hand-painted
eggs are made with beeswax and permanent dyes. You can make multi-colored and
patterned eggs using the video tutorial and written instructions of the
above-linked article.

How to Decorate Easter Eggs

6. Idea for
Decorating Plastic Easter Eggs

Decorating Plastic Easter Eggs

7. Homemade Easter Egg Decorating Idea

These polka dotted eggs would be fun to make for Easter. For
the colors, you can mix pastel, metallic and neon acrylic paints.

Easter Egg Idea For Decorating

8. Unique Easter Decorating With Hard Boiled

These beautiful flamingo and swan eggs are made by cutting
out the neck and wings from cardstock and gluing them on to the painted Easter
eggs. Note that only the flamingo egg is painted pink. The swan egg is left

Hard Boiled Eggs for Easter Decorating

9. Easy Way of Decorating Easter Eggs with

Just a sharpie and hard-boiled
Easter eggs are all you need to do these quirky designs. Let the little ones
use their imagination as they decorate the eggs. They would be glad to get a
canvas for doodling.

Easy Easter Egg Decorating

10. Easter Egg Designs for Kids

Easter Egg Designs

11. Cool Easter Egg Lego Designs

These colorful Lego designs are pretty cool, aren’t they? They
are made with temporary tattoo paper that
can stick to hard boiled eggs as well as your skin!

Cool Easter Egg Designs

12. Fancy Easter Egg Design Ideas

These eggs are created
in 3 techniques. One uses chalk crayons for making the patterns, another uses highlighters and the third,

Easter Egg Design Ideas

You can also hand-paint the faces of Star Wars characters on
the eggs.

Star Wars Easter Egg Designs

13. Easy Floral Easter Egg Designs

You can paint eggs in bright colors and attach craft
stickers to them. Dotting them with flower stickers would be a cool idea.

Easy Easter Egg Designs

14. Cute Easter Bunny Egg Designs

These cute Easter bunny eggs are
made by combining water, food coloring and vinegar in a bowl, dipping
the lower half of the eggs in the dye, allowing to dry and drawing the bunny
face with black crayon.

Cute Easter Egg Designs

15. Ombre Easter Egg Idea

You can make ombre Easter eggs by placing eggs in cartons with
their bottoms facing up and giving them a quick spray paint in colors of your

Easter Egg Idea

16. Cool Easter Egg Design Idea

This vibrant Easter egg is
made with a handful of nonpareil sprinkles that are attached to the egg
with glue. You can use sprinkles of any color on the eggs.

Cool Easter Egg Idea

17. Easter Egg Dyeing Ideas with Food Coloring

These eggs are dyed in
a mixture of food coloring, hot water and
vinegar. For more intense colors, you can use tiny quantities of food coloring pastes
and gels. You can also create patterns with rubber bands, tapes and stickers.

Easter Egg Dying Ideas

18. Neat Easter Egg Painting Idea

These beautiful Easter eggs are
made with gentle brushstrokes of acrylic craft paint. You can choose a
color scheme and mix paints to get an unconventional color.

Easter Egg Painting Idea

You can also hand paint plain white eggs for making Superhero
designs. Other cartoon characters like Spongebob, Avengers, Harry Potter,
Pokemon, Humpty Dumpty, Ninja Turtle can also be
painted on the eggs.

Superhero Easter Egg Decorating Idea

19. Toddler Melted Crayon Easter Egg Decorating

For this project, you need to grate crayons onto paper, hard
boil your eggs and put the crayon shavings onto the eggs while they are still
warm. They would melt in swirls over the eggs.

Easter Egg Idea For Toddlers

20. Cute Tissue Paper Easter Egg Decorating

These charming Easter eggs have been created with green dye and a fine
black marker. You can use red tissue paper for the decorations at the top.

Cute Easter Egg Idea

21. Easter Bunny Egg Decorating Idea

You can make the Easter bunny character by using paper mache
eggs, pink acrylic paint and a black
sharpie. The bunny ears are cut out of felt while the nose is made of a mini pom pom. The other animal character design made is that of a chick.
You have to use yellow acrylic paint for it. The wings are made with yellow feathers.

Egg Decorating Easter Bunny

A Hello Kitty pattern looks charming on the white eggs. The
ribbon drawing at the top of the head can be
filled with bright colors.

Hello Kitty Easter Egg Design

22. Marbled Easter Egg Decorating With Cool

Cool Whip Easter Egg Decorating

23. Creative Way of Decorating Easter Eggs With

Decorating Easter Egg With Crayons

24. Flower Decorated Vintage Design of Easter

Flower Decorated Easter Eggs

25. Frog Easter Egg Hand Decorating

Frog Easter Egg Decorating

26. Simple Idea for Decorating Minion Easter

Minion Easter Egg Decorating

27. Fancy Easter Egg Decorating With Oil

Oil Easter Egg Decorating

28. Funny Emoji Easter Egg Decorations

Emoji Easter Egg Decorations

29. Decorated Wooden Easter Eggs

Wooden Decorated Easter Eggs

30. How to Decorate Styrofoam Easter Eggs With

These decorated eggs are made
by wrapping colorful Easter fabric around foam eggs. Mod Podge is used
for a firm attachment. You can also do
this project with polystyrene eggs. Large as well as mini eggs can be decorated
using the technique.

Decorating Styrofoam Easter Eggs With Fabric

31. Speckled Easter Egg Decorating With Rice

Decorating Easter Eggs with Rice

32. Ceramic Easter Eggs Decorations with Nail

The decorative ceramic easter eggs have been given a marble effect with nail polish.
You need to make a pattern of nail polish in a container and roll the eggs in
the liquid. They have the looks of dinosaur eggs. For a shiny look, you can use
a golden color of nail enamel.

Ceramic Easter Eggs Decorated With Nail Polish

33. Tie Dyeing To Decorate Easter Eggs with
Shaving Cream and Food Coloring

Decorate Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream and Food Coloring

34. Angry Birds Themed Easter Egg Decoration

Angry Birds Easter Egg Decoration

35. Fun Idea to Decorate Easter Eggs with Silk

This Easter egg tie dying idea is done with silk ties. You need to wrap the eggs with the small
pieces of silk with their printed sides facing the shell. Then immerse them in
a water and vinegar solution and boil for the decorative patterns.

Decorate Easter Eggs with Silk Ties

36. Classic Decorated Blown Easter Eggs

Decorated Blown Easter Eggs

37. Disney Easter Egg Decorating Idea

This DIY uses sticker dots and pink dye to transform plain
white eggs into beautiful, polka-dotted Minnie Mouse themed ones.

Disney Easter Egg Decorating

The kid-friendly tutorials have tips and tricks for designing real as well as fake eggs. When you are dyeing your eggs, you can keep the colors as natural as possible. We are sure that the designs would ‘egg’ you on to create exciting designs for the holiday season.

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