Craft: 11+ DIY Jellyfish Lanterns

Jellyfish lanterns are lighting arrangements in the shape of
jellyfish and they employ paper lanterns for the body and paper streamers or
other thin strips for the tentacles. They look beautiful and you can use them
for interior or outdoor décor. They are easy on your pocket and don’t require
much of your time. You would love the looks of it once they are completed.

1. Paper
Lantern Jellyfish Tutorial

If you are planning an under the sea or mermaid theme for a
party, you could think about decorating with jellyfish lanterns. The project is

Jellyfish Lanterns

2. Paper
Lantern Jellyfish

White paper lanterns give a serene look to the DIY
jellyfish. If you don’t want the plain white look, you can go for red paper
lanterns. They jazz things up and could be the talking point of your party.

Jellyfish Paper Lanterns

3. How
Do You Make Jellyfish Paper Lanterns

These snazzy jellyfish lanterns are made out of paper
lanterns and crepe paper streamers. You can make them in coordinating colors if
you wish or just go for a single color.

How to Make Jellyfish Lanterns

4. Jellyfish
Lanterns DIY

These DIY jellyfish paper lanterns would look great as
outdoor decorations. The project uses paper lanterns and a tablecloth as
supplies. The tablecloth is cut into thin strips and ruffled for making the
tentacles of the jellyfish.

DIY Jellyfish Lanterns

5. White
Chinese Jellyfish Lanterns

Chinese Jellyfish Lanterns

Chinese paper lanterns

6. Blue
Jellyfish Hanging Lanterns

Bright crepe paper streamers hanging from paper lanterns cut
in half make for a lovely sight. You can crumple the crepe paper while
decorating the lanterns.

Jellyfish Hanging Lanterns

If you are upcycling an old paper lantern from the thrift
store, you can arrange for temporary lighting by placing glow sticks inside the

Jellyfish Lantern Lights

7. Tutorial
for Jellyfish Lantern

Jellyfish Lantern Tutorial

8. Colorful
Jellyfish Made From Paper Lanterns

Jellyfish Made From Paper Lanterns

9. Attractive
Jellyfish Made Out Of Paper Lantern

Jellyfish Made Out Of Paper Lantern

10. Making Snazzy
Jellyfish from Paper Lanterns

Making Jellyfish from Paper Lanterns

11. Pastel
Jellyfish Lantern Made From Paper

Pastel Jellyfish Paper Lantern

Do these for your next party and be ready for ample compliments on your craft. They can be in bright or pastel shades as per your liking. You can give a neat trim to your paper lantern by crumpling a crepe paper and gluing it along the edge. It would add to the looks of the jellyfish lantern.

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