Crochet: 25 Free Crochet Baby Sweater Patterns

Gear up for winter by crocheting a dainty sweater for your little bundle of joy. It keeps him amply warm without compromising on the looks. You can play around with bright and warm hues of yarn to make them eye-catchy. Just pick any of the patterns below and get working with your crochet hook and yarn. It would ensure hours of pure bliss.

1. Crochet
Baby Sweater Design

This cute crochet sweater is designed for babies aged zero
to three months. You should use worsted weight yarn for it. It is very easy to
wear and is suitable for boys.

Crochet Baby Sweater

2. Attractive
Crochet Baby Sweater Pattern

This lovely crochet baby sweater pattern is suitable for
newborns (0 – 3 months). You would need worsted yarn for it. It has button

Crochet Baby Sweater Pattern

3. Free
Crochet Baby Sweater and Hat Pattern

This is a fun X-stitch sweater pattern. It suits newborns.
It has small holes all over the body. You can crochet the sleeves in a color
that is different from the sweater body.

Free Crochet Baby Sweater Pattern

4. Crochet Baby
Sweater Instructions

Your kid would look adorable in this fabulous cardigan. The
stash buster sweater could be a wonderful gift for a baby shower. It is quick
and fun to make.

How to Crochet a Baby Sweater

5. Baby
Boy Crochet Pullover Sweater Pattern

The above-linked article comes with a video tutorial to make
things easier for you. The pullover can be used by both boys and girls aged 3-4
years. It has a turtleneck.

Crochet Sweater for Baby Boy

6. Free
Easy Crochet Baby Sweater Set Pattern

You can increase your hook size to make this simple sweater fit older children. A size F crochet hook creates sweater for newborns while a size G makes the pattern fit for 3-6 months. You need a size H hook for 6-9-month-olds.

Free Crochet Baby Sweater Set Pattern

7. Free
Beginner Crochet Sweater Pattern for Babies

A colorful set of two sweaters with button detailing would
look super cute on your munchkin. You can roll up the sleeves if it is less
cold outside.

Crochet Baby Sweaters for Beginners

8. Easy
Crochet Baby Sweater Pattern

Easy Crochet Baby Sweater

9. Easy
One Piece Crochet Baby Sweater

One Piece Crochet Baby Sweater

10. Crochet
Baby Sweater Easy Free Pattern

Granny squares are the building blocks of this lovely baby
sweater. It uses single crochet, double crochet, slip stitch and basic seaming.

Easy Baby Sweater Crochet Pattern

11. Baby
Sweater to Crochet in One Hour

This elegant sweater is suitable for kids aged 0-9 months. It
is adjustable and stretchy. You would need worsted yarn for crocheting it.

One Hour Baby Sweater to Crochet

12. Free
Crochet Baby Hooded Sweater Pattern

Crochet Baby Sweater with Hood

13. Crochet
Baby Sweater for Christmas

Crochet Baby Christmas Sweater

14. Nifty
Crochet Newborn Baby Sweater

Crochet Newborn Baby Sweater

15. Baby
Girl Sweater Dress Crochet Pattern

This sweater dress with long sleeves keeps your baby warm
during the chilly winters. It fits a baby weighing 6-8 pounds. It could be a
great gift.

Crochet Sweater Dress Pattern for Baby Girl

16. Aran
Baby Sweater Free Tunisian Crochet Pattern

An attractive crochet sweater pattern such as this would
look good on any baby. The three large buttons and V-neck add to its looks. It
suits newborns and babies aged 3-6 months.

Tunisian Crochet Aran Baby Sweater Free Pattern

17. Unique
Stitch Crochet Baby Sweater

Crochet Baby Sweater with Unique Stitch

18. Surprise
Crochet Hexagon Baby Sweater Pattern

A beautiful box-like pattern on a baby cardigan has a quirky
factor about it. The border of the collar, cuffs and the bottom trim are crocheted
in a different color.

Surprise Crochet Hexagon Sweater for Baby

19. Awesome
Top Down Crochet Baby Sweater Pattern

Top Down Crochet Baby Sweater Pattern

20. Baby
Crochet Sweater Design

Baby Sweater Crochet Design

21. Sleeveless
Crochet Baby Sweater Video Tutorial

Crochet Baby Sleeveless Sweater

22. Crochet
Baby Sweater and Pants Set Free Pattern

Crochet Baby Sweater and Pants

23. Crochet
Baby Sweater with Cable Pattern

Crochet Cable Baby Sweater

24. Simple
Baby Sweater Cardigan Crochet Tutorial

Crochet Simple Baby Sweater Cardigan Tutorial

25. Baby
Sweater in Ripple Crochet Pattern

Ripple Baby Sweater Crochet Pattern

There are a plethora of crochet designs for you to choose from, including ripple, cable, hexagon and Tunisian patterns. Some of the tutorials come with patterns for accessories such as hats and pants. The handmade hooded sweater is unique and awesome in its looks. Another interesting variation is the sleeveless sweater.

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