Craft: 22 DIYs to Make Felt Animals

Felt animals, whether flat or stuffed never fail to attract
attention. Basically, you need to cut out the animal shapes out of felt according
to templates provided with the tutorials, stuff and sew along the margins. Most
of the tutorials come with printable patterns that you can freely download.

1. Make Your
Own Felt Animals

Sea animals arouse the curiosity of little ones. They would
love to make three turtles of varying sizes. You need to cut out felt according
to the template provided and sew along the edges after putting stuffing
material inside. Isn’t the mini turtle cute?

Felt Animals

2. Patterns for
Felt Animals

Make stuffed animals like the bunny and chic for Easter and
score high on the cuteness quotient. The miniature animals are made out of
colorful felt so that they add a pop of color to the festivities.

Felt Animal Patterns

3. Felt
Animal Tutorial

An adorable felt animal garland would give an opportunity to
little ones to string in their favorite jungle or safari animals, all in one
place. You can pick and choose the zoo animals that you want to make.

How to Make Felt Animal

4. Felt
Animal Christmas Ornament Pattern

The handmade squirrels are a part of Christmas tree
decorations in the form of ornaments. The above-linked guide comes with a
printable template. Don’t the felt shapes look cuddly?

Felt Animal Ornaments

5. Free
Felt Woodland Animal Patterns

The 3d felt farm animal patterns can be beautiful decoration
items. You can make them in a large size to serve as bookends. Kids can play
with them as toys.

Felt Woodland Animals

6. DIY
Felt Animals

These flat felt animals can serve as attractive appliques.
You can attach them to felt boards for enhancing their beauty.

Felt Animals DIY

7. DIY
Felt Stuffed Animal

A flying dove is a serene symbol of peace. Hang it as a
Christmas tree ornament and keep the compliments coming.

Felt Stuffed Animal

8. Directions
for Making Felt Animals

Make a felt fox, owl and other critters by using steel dies.
You can use them for your interior décor. The tiny pink heart on the owl adds
to its looks.

Making Felt Animals

9. Vivid
3D Felt Animal

3d Felt Animal

10. Simple
Felt Craft Animal Pattern

Felt Craft Animal Pattern

11. Free
Felt Animal Puppet Patterns

Felt Animal Puppet Patterns

12. Small
Felt Animals to Sew

The super cute and tiny felt mice could be a child’s
favorite.  The tutorial contains a
downloadable pattern and easy instructions.

Small Felt Animals

13. Easy
Felt Animal Sewing Pattern

Easy Felt Animal Sewing

14. Homemade
Candy Cane Felt Animals

Candy Cane Felt Animals

15. DIY
Baby Mobile with Felt Animals

A baby mobile keeps your little bundle of joy entertained
for hours. Felt elephants, owls and other forest animals hang freely in the air
making it a lovely sight to behold. Sample this free mobile pattern.

Felt Animal Baby Mobile

16. DIY
Felt Animal Masks

Felt Animal Masks

17. Chirpy
Felt Animal Brooch

Felt Animal Brooch

18. Finger
Puppets in the Form of Felt Farm Animals

Felt Farm Animal Finger Puppets

19. Fun
Felt Cat

Felt Cat

20. Bubbly
Felt Birds

Felt Birds

21. Red
Felt Dog

Felt Dog

22. Fancy Felt

You can craft felt fish and make them into a necklace if you
wish. Coupled with the felt turtle, it gives you an opportunity to design a
unique underwater world.

Felt Fish

Kids are going to be amazed at how the felt animals turn out. You can involve them in the projects to make them partake of the fun of creativity. Choose bright colors of felt to make the animals pleasing to the eyes. The mini felt animals can be used to make nifty brooches, hair clips, ornaments and other decorative things.

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