Quilting Patterns: 29 Patterns to Make a Pinwheel Quilt

How nostalgic do we get on being reminded of the colorful vines we played with in our childhood, enjoying every time it twirled in the wind! You can relive your childhood days by implementing the unusual quilting patterns as shown below and make stylish quilts for your near and ones.

Easy Pinwheel Quilt

Pinwheel Quilt DIY

The pinwheel pattern on the quilt looks gorgeous.

Pinwheel Quilt

Pinwheel Rainbow Quilt Pattern: An Easy DIY

The uniform arrangements of the colors create a stunning visual impact.

Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

3-D Pinwheel Quilt Block Tutorial

The pinwheel blocks sewn to the quilt gives it a charming look.

Pinwheel Quilt Block

Pattern to Make a Pinwheel Quilt Block

Using precut squares would make your task more convenient.

Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern

Pinwheel Quilts Instructions

This black and white chequered pinwheel quilt would be an excellent option to decorate your tabletop.

Pinwheel Quilt Image

Pattern to Make a Pinwheel Quilt

This cute looking quilt would be a perfect way to keep your newborn baby warm during the winters.

Pinwheel Quilt Pattern Picture

Tutorial to Make a Pinwheel Baby Quilt

The appliqués to the side make the quilt look exceedingly elegant. It would serve as a perfect crib quilt for your newborn.

Pinwheel Baby Quilt

Double Pinwheel String Quilt Pattern DIY

Double Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Free Pattern to Make a Pinwheel Quilt

This free pattern would give you a bright idea of making a pinwheel quilt. If you are planning to make one for Christmas then opt for shades of green and red.

Free Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Fourth of July Pinwheel Quilt Tutorial

The blue and red fabric would perfectly go with the 4th of July mood.

Pinwheel Quilt Tutorial

Snowball and Pinwheel Block Pattern to Make a Baby Quilt

The blend of the pinwheel and snowball patterns gives the quilt a unique look. The alphabet fabric makes it more appropriate to grace your baby’s nursery.

Pinwheel Baby Quilt Pattern

Handmade Pinwheel Block Tutorial

You can turn these colorful quilts with pinwheel blocks into attractive coasters.

Pinwheel Quilt Blocks

Easy Way to Make a Pinwheel Quilt for Beginners

Following the instructions given in the video would help you in making a pinwheel quilt fast.

How to Make a Pinwheel Quilt

Directions to Make a Double Pinwheel Quilt

If you are planning to give your friend’s newborn baby boy a quilt, then this pattern would be apt.

Double Pinwheel Quilt

Pinwheel Block Making Tutorial

Pinwheel Block Tutorial

Free Pattern for Making a Pinwheel Quilt

This colorful pattern is another suitable quilting option for babies.

Pinwheel Quilt Pattern Free

Easy Pinwheel Quilting Pattern

Easy Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Pinwheel Star Block Tutorial

During the festive season, you can design a quilt or even table accessories by using this star block pattern.

Pinwheel Star Quilt Block Pattern

Instructions to Make an Easy Pinwheel Quilt

The un-uniformly arranged pinwheel quilt table top looks exceedingly classy.

Pinwheel Quilt Instructions

Scrappy Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

The scrappy design gives the quilt a different look.

Scrappy Pinwheel Quilt

3D Pinwheel Quilt Tablerunner Tutorial

This 3D pinwheel quilt table runner is a treat to the eyes.

3D Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Easy Template Pattern for Making Pinwheel Quilt

The given diagram in the form of a template would give you an idea of designing the blocks for pinwheel quilt.

Pinwheel Quilt Pattern Template

Pinwheel Quilt Coasters Design

The combination of blue and green would be a perfect home decoration idea for summer.

Pinwheel Quilt Design

Free Patterns for Designing a Patchwork Quilt Block

You can implement this pinwheel quilt block design in making a coaster, quilt, table runner or even a wall hanging.

Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern Free

Disappearing Pinwheel Quilt Free Pattern

Disappearing Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Prairie Point Folded Pinwheel Quilt

Folded Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Wonky Pinwheel Pattern: DIY

The disorganized arrangements of the blocks contribute to its wonky look.

Wonky Pinwheel Quilt Pattern

Vintage Modern Pinwheel Jelly Roll Quilt

This stylish quilt made from jelly roll fabric is indeed fascinating.

Pinwheel Jelly Roll Quilt

Pinwheel Tessellation Quilt Pattern

The twisted patterns give a fabulous look to the quilt.

Pinwheel Tessellation Quilt Pattern

So with these vast ideas at hand, you have a whole lot of patterns in your kitty to design some fantastic pinwheel quilts.

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