Interior Design: 23 DIY Plans to Build a Pipe Bookshelf

A stylish bookshelf sitting at one corner of your room, holding all your favorite collections would be something that you may cherish to have. If you do not want to spend heaps on a readymade one, get creative enough to make one of your own probably with any upcycled stuff like a pipe. Go through the given instructions to get a clear glimpse of a variety of new ideas to make a pipe bookshelf.

Build a Pipe Bookshelf

Pipe Bookshelf: How to Build

This beautiful bookshelf would look great when placed in one corner of your living room.

Pipe Bookshelf

Pipe Bookshelf: Do it Yourself

The small racks in between the big ones give the bookshelf a unique look.

DIY Pipe Bookshelf

DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

If you are a real bibliophile, then this large shelf with ample space would accommodate your whole library of books.

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf

Open Pipe Bookshelves: DIY

The open pipe pattern gives the bookshelf a stylish look. You can even make such shelves in the kitchen to accommodate your spice bottles.

Pipe Bookshelf DIY

Pipe Bookcase Tutorial

Pipe Bookcase

Rustic Bookshelf Made from Reclaimed Wood and Galvanized Pipe

The reclaimed wood and galvanized pipe add to the rustic look of the bookshelf.

Galvanized Pipe Bookshelf

Iron Pipe Bookshelf Tutorial

Iron Pipe Bookshelf

Directions to Make a Metal Pipe Bookshelf

If you have a spacious living room, you can place two or more shelves in it with each one of them serving a different purpose.

Metal Pipe Bookshelf

How to Make Black Pipe Bookshelf

Follow this video to have an attractive bookshelf made from black pipe sitting in your hall.

Black Pipe Bookshelf

You can also use steel pipes to build your bookcase like the one shown in the picture below by taking a cue from this video.

Steel Pipe Bookshelf

How to Build Pipe Bookshelf with Light

The lights attached to the bookshelf add to its appeal.

How to Build a Pipe Bookshelf

Bookshelf Made from PVC Pipes

PVC Pipe Bookshelf

Copper Pipe Bookshelf: DIY

The copper pipes give the bookshelf a gorgeous look, combining it with white wood would add to its charm further.

Copper Pipe Bookshelf

How to Build a Plumbing Pipe Shelf

Pipe and Wood Bookshelf

How to Build a Wall Mounted Corner Bookshelf

A corner wall mounted bookshelf would save you a lot of space.

Corner Pipe Bookshelf

Pipe Bookshelf: How-To

These wooden shelves sitting on black pipes would serve as an amazing holder for your books lying scattered all over the room.

How to Make Pipe Bookshelf

Plan to Build a Concrete Pipe Shelf

The given plan would provide you with the idea of creating a corner bookshelf using pipe and concrete.

Pipe Bookshelf Plan

Instructions for Making a Pipe Bookshelf Desk

Leaving enough space in the front would conveniently turn it into a study table.

Pipe Bookshelf Desk

Pipe Bookcase: Do It Yourself

This big spacious bookcase would not only accommodate your books but also fit in other belongings.

DIY Pipe Bookcase

Plans to Build a Pipe Bookcase

Pipe Bookcase Plan

Tutorial to Make a Bookcase Using Galvanized Pipes

By following the given tutorial, you can convert this rack or closet into a bookshelf.

Pipe Bookcase Tutorial

How to Build a Black Pipe Wall Bookcase: DIY Instructions

You can turn this three tiered rack into a sophisticated bookcase by using a plumbing pipe, PVC pipe, water pipe or any other pipes as per your choice.

Black Pipe Bookcase

Pipe Bookcase Making Instructions

Taking a hint from the given DIY, you can design your bookcase in the similar pattern. You can attach a wooden plank in the middle to into a bookshelf cum desk.

Pipe Bookcase Instructions

So with these detailed plans at hand, designing bookcases or bookshelves from a variety of pipes like plumbing, metal, steel, copper, galvanized, gas and water, would not be too mammoth a task. In fact, these ideas would assist you in making a shelf or rack for your kitchen, bathroom or even for your living room to accommodate your showpieces and mementos.

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