Craft: How to Make a Balloon Wreath

Get the front door or the interiors of your home all decked up with colorful balloon wreaths guided by a collection of DIYs on the topic. The best part about the wreaths is, they can be customized to fit the theme of any party without having to alter its basic structure.

Balloon Wreath Pictures

Balloon Wreath Craft

This wreath owes its unconventional looks to the use of large and small round balloons and long slender balloons while creating it.

Balloon Wreath

Directions to Make a Balloon Wreath

In this project, balloons are fixed to a straw wreath with floral pins. Twine is used for hanging it on the door or wall, whichever the case.

How to Make a Balloon Wreath

Homemade Balloon Wreath

Here balloons are gathered in bunches of 4 and pinned to a Styrofoam wreath until the latter is completely covered.

Balloon Wreath Directions

Making a Birthday Balloon Wreath

Balloons are tied around a wire wreath first. Then ribbons and pipe cleaners are added for enhancing the decoration. The Happy Birthday sign is nothing but paper triangles bearing letters that are glued to polka-dotted ribbons.

Birthday Balloon Wreath

Unique Blown Up Balloon Wreath for Christmas

You can use an aluminum rod bent into a circle as the frame of this fun inflated balloon wreath. Else a child’s hula hoop will also do though you may not find it in the desired size.

Blown Up Balloon Wreath

Mickey Mouse Balloon Wreath

Customize the above-linked project for a Mickey Mouse themed party by adding a Mickey Mouse soft toy to the balloon wreath. Chenille stem curlicues add to the decorations.

Mickey Balloon Wreath

You can utilize the above-mentioned tutorial to make a Minnie Mouse balloon wreath as well. Just use an assortment of pink, white, black and red balloons. Make a sign by cutting out the shape of Minnie’s head from construction paper, write a birthday wish on it and attach a red bow with white polka-dots. Fix it to the bottom corner of the wreath to complete the Disney looks of the door decoration.

Minnie Mouse Balloon Wreath

Tutorial for Balloon Wreath

Check out the balloon wreath step by step at the end of the above-linked post.

Balloon Wreath Tutorial

Christmas Wreath by Balloon Twisting

You would need long green and red balloons, an air pump, scissors, clear sticky tape and sewing thread for this balloon sculpting project. The last two supplies are used to hang the wreath from doors, walls, windows, etc. The written directions come with a how-to video.

Balloon Christmas Wreath

Balloon Wreath DIY Instructions

Balloon Wreath DIY

Birthday Balloon Wreath with Pipe Cleaners

Balloon Wreath with Pipe Cleaners

Superhero Balloon Wreath Idea

Superhero Balloon Wreath

Sesame Street Balloon Door Wreath

The cute Slade’s Street sign makes this balloon wreath perfect for a Sesame Street themed birthday party celebration.

Sesame Street Balloon Wreath

Another idea for the theme party is to take color printouts of the faces of Elmo and Cookie Monster and glue them to cardboard of the same shape and size before attaching them to the balloon wreath. The Muppets look perfect on your door welcoming the guests!

Elmo Balloon Wreath

Deflated Balloon Party Wreath

Deflated Balloon Wreath

Easy Balloon Wreath with Styrofoam

Balloon Wreath of Styrofoam

Small Sized Balloon Wreath with Number

Small Balloon Wreath

Rainbow Water Balloon Wreath

Medium sized water balloons make this stunning multi-colored wreath. Decorating with curled ribbons will make it more visually appealing.

Water Balloon Wreath

Once you are through with the tutorials, it is time to put the leftover balloons from earlier parties to good use. Let the next party hosted by you boast of splendid balloon wreaths that garner a whole lot of attention from your guests, especially the kids.

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