Craft: 25 Easy Tutorials to Make Colorful Clothespin Dolls

Clothespin dolls have a long and interesting history, being immensely popular after the civil war, serving as a great source of income. To enhance your home décor, you can make plenty of them using old-fashioned wooden clothes peg, with the given tutorials being your guide. Having all the supplies at hand or buying a kit would help designing your dolls in a more convenient way.

Colorful Clothespin Dolls

Clothespin Dolls: An Interesting How-to

Wrapping colorful threads around the dolls as their attire is indeed a magnificent idea.

Clothespin Dolls

Clothespin Doll: Do it Yourself

The black polka-dotted skirt makes your doll look seemingly elegant.

Clothespin Doll

Way to Make a Handmade Clothespin Doll

Attaching a wire at the back would turn your lovely dolls into attractive ornaments.

How to Make Clothespin Dolls

No Sew Clothespin Princess Doll: An Easy Pattern

If you detest a stint with the needle and thread then this tutorial would be apt for you. The pretty crown adorning the doll’s head make them look like a real princess.

Clothespin Doll Pattern

Tutorial to Make a Clothespin Doll

The different posture of the arms made by arranging the pipe cleaners in various ways is indeed an innovative idea. If you are planning to make Irish dolls for St. Patrick’s Day keep the pattern of their outfit confined to shades of green and white.

Clothespin Doll Tutorial

Instructions to Make Simple Wooden Clothespin Dolls

Simply wrapping colorful fabrics around the pretty ladies is perhaps the easiest way in which you can make clothespin dolls.

Wooden Clothespin Dolls

Little Women Clothespin Dolls Tutorials

The woolen clothespin doll clothes make them look exceedingly real.

Clothespin Dolls Tutorial

Clothes Pin Doll Making Directions

The wig made by wrapping yarns, gives the doll a splendid look.

Clothes Pin Doll

Chinese Clothes Pin Dolls

Clothes Pin Dolls

How to Make Clothes Peg Dolls

Your kids would have a whale of a time in decorating the dolls with a color of their choice. You can deck it up with shoes by adding a dab of paint at the rear end as shown here.

Clothes Peg Dolls

Clothespin Dolls: DIY Ideas

The bright pipe cleaners wrapped around the dolls look simple yet elegant.

DIY Clothespin Dolls

How to Make Christmas-Themed Clothespin Dolls

The red and white outfits of the dolls set in the prefect mood for Christmas. You can hook a wire to hang them as Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Clothespin Dolls

Instructions to Make Miniature Clothespin Dolls

Clothespin Dolls Instructions

How to Make Clothespin Worry Dolls

Want your troubles to fly away soon, then keep these pretty clothespin dolls under your pillow after you have shared your worries with it.

Clothespin Worry Dolls

Directions to Make a Wrap Clothespin Doll

If you desire to make a clothespin doll without spending much time in doing so, then this tutorial would suit you the best.

Clothespin Wrap Doll

Clothespin Doll with Crochet Dress Pattern

Dressing your clothespin doll with a handmade tutu-styled crochet outfit would be a wonderful choice indeed.

Clothespin Doll Crochet Pattern

Indian Clothespin Dolls Making Ideas

If you are fascinated about dressing your clothespin dolls in magnificent attires from all around the world, then try your hands at these Indian ones, beautifully draped in the traditional Indian sarees. You can also increase your doll house collection by making varied Asian dolls like Japanese and Chinese as well as African ones.

Asian Clothespin Dolls

Ballerina Clothespin Doll Ornament for Christmas

These elegant ballerinas would be another choice at hand while decorating your home with bright ornaments during Christmas.

Clothespin Ballerina Doll

Making a Jointed Clothespin Doll

Jointed Clothespin Doll

Clothespin Mermaid Doll Designs

Clothespin Mermaid Dolls

Clothes Pin Doll Ideas for Thanksgiving

Taking a cue from the given tutorial you would be able to make these cute Pilgrim dolls on the occasion of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Clothespin Dolls

Native American Clothespin Dolls: DIY

To give accompaniment to your Pilgrim dolls these Native American pairs would be wonderful.

Native American Clothespin Dolls Idea

Mummy Clothespin Dolls for Halloween

Halloween Clothespin Dolls

How to Make Fairy Dolls with Clothespins

Your little girl would be delighted to have a tiny fairy playing with her!

Clothespin Fairy Doll

Super Hero Clothespin Dolls Idea

If you have a super hero themed party then these paired dolls of a Superman and women would intensify the celebration further.

Superhero Clothespin Dolls

So with ample of clothespin doll designs in your kitty go ahead and choose the pattern of your choice. Give them a personal touch by decorating them with ornaments as well as designing furniture for them.

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