Craft: 19 DIY Tin Can Lanterns (Some with Templates)

Arrange for an outdoor or indoor party with tin can lanterns being the sole source of light. Punched patterns on the recycled tin cans relive the 70’s sense of décor in style. While you may arrange electric string lights, candles or bulbs for lighting up the tin cans, solar lights make the project even more eco-friendly.

DIY Tin Can Lantern

Homemade Tin Can Lanterns

Make summer evening parties fun with these tin can lanterns in adorable designs. The lamps, when used as patio lights, create gorgeous patterns on the dining table as you savor a sumptuous meal with your friends.

Making Tin Can Lanterns

Designer Tin Can Lanterns

People with an artistic bend of mind will find this project engaging. Drill holes in old tin cans in a pattern of your own choice and creation and sit back to enjoy the gleam of the tea lights inside the cans coming out of the aesthetically placed holes.

Tin Can Lanterns

DIY Instructions for Tin Can Lanterns

These lanterns boast of tiny handles that facilitate ease of carrying. Spray painting them in bright colors makes the lights more dramatic.

DIY Tin Can Lanterns

Template for Tin Can Lantern

Here is a pretty tin can lantern pattern that you can take a printout of and use as a template for drilling the holes on the tin cans.

Tin Can Lantern Template

Tin Can Lantern Tutorial

You will need mini tin cans for this activity. A hammer is used to punch in the holes at regular intervals; a wire is bent aesthetically to create small handles and spray painting takes care of the rest.

How to Make a Tin Can Lantern

Tin Can Candle Lantern Patterns

Check out the video at the end of the linked web page to know the details of making these lovely tin can luminaries. You can place tea light candles or just regular candles inside for a romantic lighting effect.

Tin Can Candle Lanterns

Tin Can Lantern Free Printable Pattern

This printable pattern can be the guideline for gorgeous tin can lanterns that can light up your backyard in inimitable style.

Tin Can Lantern Pattern

Tin Can Lanterns Wedding Craft

Glam up your wedding decorations with this admirable craft. The guests won’t be able to stop talking about your creations.

Tin Can Lanterns for Wedding

Stencil for Tin Can Lantern

Tin Can Lantern Stencil

Tin Can Lantern Design Template

Tin Can Lantern Design

Punched Tin Can Lantern Ideas

Tin Can Lantern Ideas

Christmas Tin Can Lanterns with Templates

Tin Can Lantern Christmas Patterns

Make Your Own LED Tin Can Lantern

You can use any interesting template for drilling the holes into the tin cans. Place LEDs or candles inside to complete the project.

LED Tin Can Lanterns

Tin Can Lantern Pattern for Halloween

This bat pattern could run a chill down kids’ spines during a Halloween night.

Tin Can Lantern in Halloween Pattern

Jack-O’-Lanterns Out Of Tin Cans

Tin Can Jack-O’- Lanterns

Unique Painted Tin Can Lanterns

Painted Tin Can Lanterns

Quaint Tin Can Solar Lanterns

You will find the tin can solar lantern tutorial at the end of the above-linked website. Create magic with floral and starry patterns.

Tin Can Solar Lanterns

Tin Can Lantern Torch Project

Tin Can Lantern Torch

Webelos Cub Scouting Tin Can Lanterns without Freezing

Make a run for the Webelos badge in cub scouting as you join hands with your team to make tin can lanterns that will see you through emergency situations. The making involves a quick process that does not require freezing the cans.

Tin Can Lanterns for Cub Scouts

It’s time to get working with your hammer and nails to create wonderful patterns of holes on discarded tin cans that can transform any gloomy night by letting out streaks of romantic glow.

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