Interior Design: 31 DIY Racks for Nail Polish Display

Nail polish and lacquer addicts might often find it hard to stack their innumerable shades of nail paints at one place. Rather than suffocating the dressing table cabinets with bottles, you can build a nail polish organizer by sparking your creativity and find a permanent solution for the ever-growing nail art collection.

DIY Nail Polish Racks

Nail Polish Rack: Step-by-Step

Here’s an open storage solution for your manicure and pedicure supplies with multiple shelves.

Nail Polish Rack

DIY Nail Polish Rack Tutorial

The gigantic rack should be given some brownie points for its sheer effort of keeping various shades of nail polish without any hassle.

Nail Polish Wall Rack

DIY Nail Polish Rack Wood

The idea of recycling has been exemplified in the tutorial where a distressed bookcase is transformed into a chic organizer for nail polish.

DIY Nail Polish Rack

DIY Nail Polish Rack with Foam Board

All you need is a few foam boards and duct tapes to whip out a classy nail polish rack.

Professional Nail Polish Rack

Nail Polish Rack for Display

Nail Polish Display Rack

The wildlife enthusiasts can bring in some leopard-printed duct tapes to make the foam nail polish rack.

Leopard Nail Polish Rack

Fabulous Nail Polish Rack

Bold in black, the display stand provides a contrasting background for a slew of colorful bottles, uplifting the aesthetic value of your interiors.

Nail Polish Rack DIY

White Nail Polish Rack

Not just black, a white rack also accentuates the vibrant shades neatly arranged on the different shelves.

Wall Mount Nail Polish Rack

Homemade Nail Polish Rack

The portable nail polish holder is apt for those having a smaller but unique collection of nail polishes.

Cheap Nail Polish Rack

Do it Yourself: Nail Polish Rack

The rack nailed to the wall not only adds a pop of color, but also beautifies the space.

Nail Polish Display Wall Rack

Nail Polish Rack Storage Solution

Have you some empty crates at home? Then stack them on each other and build a glamorous rack.

Nail Polish Organizer Rack

How to Make a DIY Nail Polish Rack

The snazzy storage rack is anything, but ordinary. Whenever you are in a mood to do some nail art, accessing the bottles would be a child’s play.

Wall Nail Polish Rack

Making a Nail Polish Rack

Apart from nail polish bottles, removers, nail files, and hand lotions can be stored on the rack and used whenever you need them.

How to Make a Nail Polish Rack

DIY Upcycled Nail Polish Rack

The wooden dowels act as supports to prevent the bottles from falling. You can build a larger one by adding fewer shelves.

Wood Nail Polish Rack

Nail Polish Rack Instructions

A dull-looking spice rack has been given a new life with few strokes of metallic paint. Doesn’t it have an ancient charm?

Wooden Nail Polish Rack

Build a Nail Polish Rack

A frosty-themed nail polish rack made from a foam board. You need to click on the link to know the steps.

Cheap Nail Polish Wall Rack

Nail Polish Organizer

The top space of the rack can also be utilized to store the bottles and other makeup essentials.

Nail Polish Holder Rack

DIY Birchbox Nail Polish Rack

Once again the faithful duct tapes have managed to adorn the dull-looking cardboard box lids and make something extraordinary for your nail polish containers.

Small Nail Polish Rack

DIY Nail Polish Rack for Small Spaces

Another example of a nail polish storage made from a rugged spice rack for keeping beauty essentials.

Finger Nail Polish Rack

Nail Polish Wall Rack Display

The storage option does not overwhelm your wall space and keeps the polish collection intact in one place.

Nail Polish Storage Rack

Spinning Nail Polish Rack

Often shown in chick flicks, the fashionistas would love to learn the trick of making a rotating rack.

Rotating Nail Polish Rack

Make Your Own Nail Polish Rack

The smaller sections can fit in the odd shades of nail polish so that you can choose your favorite one without goofing up.

How to Build a Nail Polish Rack

How to Create Nail Polish Storage with Spice Racks

The open storage idea is innovative for its unique way of representing individual shelves without getting crowded.

Spice Rack for Nail Polish

How to Make Your Own Table Nail Polish Rack

The ever-expanding troupe of nail polish can feel comfortable sitting on the polish holder.

Nail Polish Table Rack

Nail Polish Organizer Wall Rack

Comprising of just one shelf the dainty rack is sleek and presentable while having ample storage space.

Nail Polish Rack Idea

How to Make Picture Frame Nail Polish Rack

An old picture frame has done complete justice to someone in dire need of a vintage-style nail polish rack.

Picture Frame Nail Polish Rack

DIY Wood Nail Polish Rack

Nail artists can be spoilt for choice as the rack showcases a myriad variety of bizarre shades to start with something interesting.

Salon Nail Polish Rack

Nail Polish Rack Organizer

Nail Polish Stand Rack

Hanging Nail Polish Rack

Although an open storage rack, the sides are covered for safety.

Nail Polish Rack on Bookshelf

Wall Mounted Nail Polish Rack

Vintage Nail Polish Rack

Do it Yourself Nail Polish Rack

Nail Polish Rack Wood

Nail Polish Display Rack DIY

Easy DIY Nail Polish Rack

Have you decided which one to try for displaying your nail polish varieties? You are surely going to have fun doing the project.

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