Woodworking Projects: 24 DIY Plans to Build a Bench from Pallets

Repurposing distressed pallet into furniture is a trend most DIY enthusiasts are following for sprucing up their abode. Whether it’s reinventing the look of your patio, garden, or balcony, a pallet bench does not require special efforts to make an urban-meet-rustic statement. Here are some super versatile tricks to rearrange the wooden planks and upgrade your backyard décor.

Pallet Bench

Build a Pallet Bench

If your well-decked porch has been missing out on something chic, then the pallet bench is at your service.

Pallet Bench

Pallet Bench Tutorial

Pallet Bench DIY

Pallet Bench Project

The best way to enjoy some winter sunshine is lying on the bench stacked with ultra-comfortable cushions and catching up on some sleep.

Pallet Bench Idea

DIY Corner Pallet Bench

The rustic ensemble changes the façade of the patio adding swanky flavors to spice up your Saturday evening house parties.

Pallet Bench Plan

Pallet Wood Bench

For a mini afternoon feast, the spacious balcony can be utilized in the most economical way by placing a couple of rustic furniture.

DIY Pallet Bench

Potting Bench Made from Pallets

Let the neighbors know that you are ready to start the spring with hordes of flower pots kept on the pallet planter.

Pallet Potting Bench

Benches made out of Pallets

Although you may live miles apart from the countryside, the idea of transforming the backyard into a wilderness space gives you a wonderful private retreat.

Benches Made from Pallets

Outdoor Pallet Bench

When your interiors boast of an industrial look, give it a contrasting effect by introducing a warm and cozy pallet sofa.

Wood Pallet Bench

Recycled Pallet Storage Bench

Tuck your hardware essentials, garden tools, or shoes inside the storage bench without any hassle.

Pallet Storage Bench

How to Make a Bench out of Wood Pallets

Painted in white the whole pallet setup looks extraordinary even though nothing out-of-the-box has been done to build it.

How to Make a Pallet Bench

DIY Pallet Bench for Kids

If jogging around public parks is not your cup of tea, then recreate the same in the privacy of your garden.

How to Build a Bench out of Pallets

Workbench from Pallet

Pallet Work Bench

Bench from Pallets

The warmer months should be thoroughly enjoyed with comfortable outdoor lounge furniture. Have you brought home the pallet supplies?

How to Build a Pallet Bench

Two Pallet Potting Bench

Potting Bench from Pallets

Garden Bench Made from Pallets

A pop of color can be added to the benches and layered with gorgeous cushions and throws for some cuddling up when the chill just begins to set.

Rustic Pallet Bench

How to Build a Colorful Bench with Pallet

The rainbow bench is an answer to the pleasant spring most of us wait after months of cold.

Pallet Furniture Bench

Pallet Bench Swing for Porch

A pallet bench is tailored for daydreamers looking for an opportunity to enjoy the lazy summer afternoons during the weekends.

Pallet Bench Swing

Pallet Hexagonal Tree Bench

The drool-worthy tree bench makes a spectacular statement, providing a breezy shade whenever you feel the heat outdoors.

Pallet Bench around Tree

Stacked Pallet Bar Bench

Backyard dinners and drinking sessions is no longer a dream as the classic combo of the high bench and chairs make it come true.

Pallet Bar Bench

How to Make Pallet Deck Bench

The low-lying bench styled in the appropriate fashion would surely put a smile on your face. Get ready to hit the sack.

Pallet Bench Deck

Pallet Farmhouse Dining Bench

Pallet Dining Bench

Building Pallet Bench for Greenhouse

Pallet Greenhouse Bench

Pallet Entryway Bench

Pallet Hall Bench

Pallet Bench Instructions

The white pallet bench merges with the backyard giving some soothing relief to the eyes when you come home.

Wooden Pallet Bench

Redesigning the dwelling does not mean ordering furniture and burning a hole in the pocket. With the availability of pallet materials at any woodworking store, you can fulfill your outdoor decoration needs.

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