Craft: 10 Chirpy Pumpkin Bulletin Board Ideas

Pumpkin bulletin boards on the school walls set the mood for the fall season and Halloween. Though it is mainly made by the teachers, it would be great fun to get the little ones involved. As the classroom fills with the sweet voices of the preschoolers and a flurry of activity around the craft items and coloring pencils, the excitement becomes all the more palpable.

Pumpkin Bulletin Board

Pumpkin Bulletin Board Idea for Kindergarten

Cover the bulletin board with black construction paper. After gluing a thin yellow paper all along the margin, children can sketch pumpkins all over it. Paper plates painted orange with black scraps of paper for the eyes, nose and mouth and having a green strip of paper at the top for signifying the stalk complete the board. Colorful messages can be cut and stuck on the empty space.

Pumpkin Bulletin Board Idea

Pumpkin Patch Bulletin Board Display

Get the children hooked onto a scary pumpkin patch made with bright orange craft paper cutouts. The crooked black mouths and triangles for the eyes and noses complete the spook quotient. A paper structure of a cheery scarecrow in a tattered dress and a bright red hat introduce an element of cheer in the spine-chilling surroundings.

Pumpkin Patch Bulletin Board

Great Pumpkin Patch Bulletin Board Idea

Note the use of crumpled paper to make the tree realistic. The paper leaves have been given an angular margin and painted in the vibrant colors of fall. Paper plates that create the base of the board boast of the most peculiar pumpkin faces.  To make this project more kid-friendly, you can give the little ones a selection of colors like red, yellow and white and ask them to mix the colors at their will to come up with different shades of orange.

Pumpkin Patch Fall Bulletin Board Idea

Pumpkin Bulletin Board Idea for Elementary School

The ambiance of the classroom plays a great role in molding young minds. The theme of fall bulletin boards can reflect pumpkin decorations to welcome Halloween. Weird paper pumpkin faces glued to the bulletin boards would be real fun to make with kids. In the center a cloud shaped colored paper carrying a Halloween message sums it all up.

Pumpkin Bulletin Board

Cute Pumpkin Bulletin Board Idea

Create a beautiful pumpkin patch in the black background of the class bulletin board by gluing orange painted paper plates and regular intervals. Sketch the crooked mouths and eyes in black and finally join the plates with a green strip of paper. Spiral yarns can be stuck at the base of the green stalks to introduce a unique element by representing vines. Cut out a picket fence out of a brown construction paper and glue it on top to keep your pumpkins safe.

Pumpkin Bulletin Board Decoration

Pumpkin Bulletin Board Idea with Saying

This bulletin board will be a treat for the kids. Note the sharp contrast of colors among the leaves, the tree trunk and the bright yellow background. The pumpkins have been given a realistic look with ribs all over their bodies instead of the facial features.  Personalize by gluing photographs of the children on the leaves along a corner. Enliven with an inspiring saying.

Pumpkin Bulletin Board Saying

Preschool Pumpkin Bulletin Board Idea

Cut out thin sections along the ribs of your paper pumpkins, glue them in two undulating rows on the bulletin board and connect them with slightly raised spiral vines. Tiny pumpkins line the border of the bulletin board giving it a neat finish. You can use printable templates for the pumpkins and just sketch the ribs with a marker pen to make things easier for you.

Pumpkin Bulletin Board Ideas for Preschool

Fun Pumpkin Bulletin Board Idea for Halloween

Keep the little ones busy this fall while creating this amazing bulletin board that consists of all sorts of pumpkin faces looking at you from above a picket fence. The orange and yellow leaves complete the project.

Halloween Pumpkin Bulletin Board Idea

October Pumpkin Bulletin Board Idea for Teachers

In this activity, you can get the students to make their individual mosaic leaves for the tree by tearing up construction paper of various colors and gluing them to leaf templates. Each student should also have a separate leaf and pumpkin template where they have to finish the phrase “I love fall because….”. These will later be placed at the base and on the foliage of the tree the trunk of which is to be made with brown construction paper. It would be a lot of fun. You can put the board up in the hallway for the whole school and the parents who come for any upcoming school event to appreciate the good work.

October Pumpkin Bulletin Board Idea

Fall Pumpkin Bulletin Board Craft Idea

Make the students finger paint or sponge paint the pumpkin templates. Once they are dry, add paper stems on top and trace the students’ handprints for the leaves. Then attach them to a bulletin board and connect them together with twisted green crepe paper streamers that represent vines. You may use the title caption “A Perfect Patch” for the bulletin board. The image is of an intermediary step of making and not that of the final stage.

Fall Pumpkin Bulletin Board Idea

We are sure that after going through these brilliant ideas you are longing to go back to the good old school days brimming with fun and frolic. Don’t fret; you can guide kids and students to creating these wonderful bulletin boards and relive the magical experience of childhood in the process.

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