Outdoors and Garden: 8 Simple Clay Pot Lighthouse Projects for Your Garden

Turn a piece of garden junk into an enjoyable craft project by means of these easy tutorials. The collection boasts of beautiful patterns that can transform the looks of your terrace, window sill or garden area in an inimitable style. They look adorable as centerpieces for outdoor gala dinners.

Simple Clay Pot Lighthouse

How to Build a Clay Pot Lighthouse

You can paint the door and windows on the inverted clay pots for adding more character to your lighthouse. Though the instructions in the above-linked post require you to make it with just a couple of clay pots, we think you can make it higher and better if you own a few more pots of smaller sizes.

Clay Pot Lighthouse

Clay Pot Crafts Lighthouse

This one is ideal for your backyard. Sketch the door and windows with pencil before filling them up with latex enamel paint to avoid irregularities.

Clay Pot Lighthouse Craft

Integrate a solar light in your clay pot lighthouse to give out an eco-friendly message.

Clay Pot Lighthouse with Solar Light

Clay Pot Lighthouses Covered With Bright Paint

Painted Clay Pot Lighthouses

Make a Bird Feeder from a Clay Pot Lighthouse

Once you are done with the building process, place this lighthouse atop a large plate or tray carrying seeds to create an attractive bird feeder.

Clay Pot Lighthouse Bird Feeder

Terracotta Clay Pot Lighthouse Pattern

You can increase the tiers of the lighthouse by adding a few more clay pots. Instead of painting them traditionally in red with white margins as directed, you can use 2 contrasting shades of blue for an interesting change. Drawing cute flowers surrounded with grasses at the bottom add to the looks.

Terra Cotta Clay Pot Lighthouse

How to Make a Clay Pot Lighthouse

DIY Project Clay Pot Lighthouse

Easy Lighthouse Out Of Clay Flower Pots

Clay Flower Pot Lighthouse

Beautiful Clay Pot Lighthouse DIY

Sea shells, seagull and starfish decorations make this lighthouse unique. A wire net covers it partially to signify the popularity of these structures among the fishermen and its proximity to the sea.

Clay Pot Lighthouse Tutorial

If you are a fan of country d├ęcor, try this idea. Attach the lighthouse to a circular base and decorate the latter with a rope spiral. A mini picket fence surrounding the light at the top is a brilliant addition to the rustic charm.

Clay Pot Lighthouse Design

You can get the kids involved in the sketching and painting steps. Their minds are usually bubbling with innovative ideas. However, it would be a wise decision not to allow them to hold or carry the clay pots around lest they break them in the process.

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