Craft: 16 DIY Wine Cork Reindeer Ornaments To Try This Christmas

Reindeer and Christmas seems to be intimately linked, and when you are busy decking your house with a variety of creative things during the festive season. In fact, as you gear up to make a variety of creative stuffs for the festive season, you cannot afford missing out making some cute reindeers. If you want to design your reindeer in an innovative way, then consider making them with the whole lot of upcycled wine corks that are ready to make their way into the garbage bin. The following DIYs would definitely be your guide as you are geared up in putting your creative skills into action.

DIY Wine Cork Reindeer Ornaments

Make Your Own Wine Cork Reindeer: DIY

If you want your reindeer to look brighter then embellish it with glitters or sparkles.

Wine Cork Reindeer

DIY Wine Cork Reindeer Ornaments

The bells give the reindeer a unique charm. Use it as an ornament to decorate your Christmas tree along with other stuffs.

Wine Cork Reindeer Ornament

How to Make Reindeer Ornaments Using Wine Corks

The black bent antlers makes the reindeer look even more realistic.

How to Make Wine Cork Reindeer Ornaments

Instructions for Making a Reindeer from Wine Corks

These cute little reindeers would make for a wonderful showpiece in your living room.

Reindeer Made from Wine Corks

Handmade Wine Cork Reindeer Ornament for Christmas

Your kiddo would be delighted to see his dear Rudolph with a red nose sitting on his Christmas tree.  You can also use it to decorate your mantelpiece (if you have one), with Rudolph pulling Santa’s sleigh.

Wine Cork Reindeer Christmas Ornament

Wine Cork Reindeer Craft: An Interesting How-To

The “Merry Christmas” ribbon makes them look more gorgeous.

Wine Cork Reindeer Craft

How to Make a Reindeer Out of Wine Corks: A Simple DIY

By attaching the tooth picks to form your reindeer’s leg, you could use it as a great centerpiece, by making it stand erect on your center table.

Reindeer Made Out of Wine Corks

Instructions to Make Reindeer Ornaments Out of Wine Corks

You can make as many of them as per your choice, to have the full reindeer family hanging gracefully on your Christmas tree.

How to Make Reindeer Ornaments Out of Wine Corks

How to Make Wine Cork Reindeer

To keep in conformity with the Christmas mood, you can paint the wine corks in red and white prior to shaping it into a reindeer.

How to Make Wine Cork Reindeer

Directions to Make a Wine Cork Reindeer

The green ribbon sitting on Rudolph’s neck sets in the perfect Christmas mood.

Make a Wine Cork Reindeer

Pictorial Pattern for Making a Wine Cork Reindeer

The pictorial description would make your reindeer making process easier.

Wine Cork Reindeer Pattern

Wine Cork Reindeer: An Interesting Tutorial

Wine Cork Reindeer Tutorial

Wine Cork Reindeer Making Instructions

The silver pipe cleaners give the reindeer an increasingly appealing look.

Wine Cork Reindeer Instructions

Wine Cork Christmas Reindeer Directions

The geometric shaped clips for the antlers give the reindeer a unique look.

Wine Cork Reindeer Directions

How to Build Wine Cork Reindeer Ornaments: DIY Idea

The pretty Christmas ribbon and decorative jingle gives the reindeer a colorful effect.

Build Wine Cork Reindeer Ornament

Wine Cork Reindeer Ornament: Do it Yourself

Wine Cork Reindeer Photo

I am sure you would have a gala time in making a whole bunch of colorful reindeers to grace your home décor as well as serve as ornaments for your pretty Christmas tree.

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