Craft: 10+ DIY Seashell Candles and Holders

Many a time the abundant seashore treasures you stumble upon on a beach outing are collected as sweet vacation souvenirs and tucked inside the drawers. We are talking about the priceless seashells scattered on the sandy beaches that could be turned into one-of-kind accents instead for your abode. Learn an easy trick to make stunning candles out of the shells reading through the following tutorials.

Seashell Candles and Holders

Do It Yourself: Seashell Candles

Made from authentic seashells, the aesthetic flare of the candles creates a lively ambiance for an impromptu beach party.

Seashell Candles as Centerpiece

Beautiful Seashell Candle

While most don’t have the good luck to reside by the seashore, you can add a beach theme sans the sand to your room decorating with glimmering seashell candles.

Seashell Candle Image

Homemade Candle Seashells

The beach-like vibes radiating from the classy candles calls for a relaxing evening snuggling up in a warm quilt and enjoying a good read.

How to Make Seashell Candles

DIY Project: Gel Beach Seashell Candle

Candle gels and clean glass jars are the prime requisites to pull off these glowing beauties. And you thought all the while that gel candles could only be procured.

Seashell Gel Candles

How to Make Gilded Seashell Candles

The shiny shells you tucked into your bag during vacation can be turned into candles and given as unique party favors.

Seashell Candle Favors

Designer Embedded Seashell Candle

Have you a beach-theme wedding in your mind? Envelop colorful candles with shells to make the event an earthy affair without going for any extravagant options.

Seashell Embedded Candle

Make It: DIY Seashell Candle

Pour few drops of aromatic oil into the melted wax to fill the air with heavenly fragrance. Don’t you feel the candles make the best decorative delights when the weather gets all crisp and cool?

DIY Seashell Candles

Seashell Candlesticks

Newspaper and seashells make the best combination for embellishing plain pillar candles. Smear them with sparkles for the perfect starry night look.

Seashell Pillar Candles

Seashell Candle Craft

Seashell Candle Picture

Some Awe-Inspiring Ways to Make Seashell Candle Holders

Glass Seashell Candle Holder

Here is an interesting way to display your treasured shells without going through the hassle of melting the wax. Fill a small glass jar with sand and shells before placing a standard candle inside.

Seashell Candle Holders

Seashell Candle Holder How-To

All you need to do you is cover the glass jar with sand and glue the sea shells. Lit a candle and place it in the jar. Voila!

DIY Seashell Candle Holder

Here’s another fascinating idea for adding some beach beauty to your home. First you have to glue all the tiny and large seashells to form a ring and then place the candle in the center.

Seashell Candle Holder

Don’t you feel the aesthetic appeal of the conch shells increases manifold when decked with pretty tealight candles?

Seashell Candle Holder Idea

Now you have another idea up your sleeves to finish the list of DIY candles. The warm glow of the candles and the compelling beauty of the seashells undoubtedly spruce up your room, burning all day long.

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