Craft: 13 Cardboard Dollhouse Plans

Keeping your little princess’s adorable dolls and other petite playing items in a dollhouse could be the best way to reduce the clutter of toys that otherwise lies scattered all over the floor. With the easy availability of cardboard boxes, you can build a miniature dream home for your little one’s playing mates and avoid procuring an expensive one from a toy store. Check out how you can cut the cardboard boxes and shape them into a stunning abode.

Cardboard Dollhouse Plans

Cardboard Dollhouse: Do It Yourself

The lovable dolls finally have a nest they can retire to after a hard day of playing. Adding more realism to the cute, little houses, are a string of lights contributing to the lustrous effect.

Cardboard Dollhouses Picture

Cardboard Dollhouse How-To

Just arrange the boxes using the lids as the pretty roof and cover the interiors with differently patterned fabrics.

Cardboard Dollhouse Image

Make a Rainbow Lighted Cardboard Dollhouse

The cloth patches stuck to the exterior of the mini dollhouse gives a vintage feel. For the next sleepover night, your darling and her girl gang can place tea lights inside and decorate the house with their creative little hands.

How to Make a Dollhouse out of Cardboard

Handmade Cardboard Dolls House

The sliding door system of the dollhouse is a unique design making the little, sturdy house portable.

How to Make a Cardboard Dollhouse

Do It in an Hour Barbie Cardboard Dollhouse

The rustic texture of cardboard can be covered up with scrap papers to pour a shower of colors to the dwelling of the cherubic dolls.

Cardboard Dollhouse Plan

How to Build a Doll House from a Cardboard Box

Another dollhouse with a doorway built from a cardboard postal box. The best thing about the project is the less time demand.

Homemade Cardboard Dollhouse

Making a Cardboard Box Doll House

Now it’s left to your child’s imagination to deck the different floors with the dolls and their household and kitchen items.

Cardboard Box Dollhouse

Fill up the vacant floors with tiny couch, beds, and tables made from leftover cardboard papers and make the dollies feel at home.

Cardboard Dollhouse Furniture

Free Pattern for Cardboard Box Dollhouse

If anything that makes the dollhouse a winner, then it has to be the tiny stairs making it look realistic.

Cardboard Dollhouse Tutorial

Cardboard Dollhouse Idea

Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse

Cardboard Box Dollhouse Design

DIY Cardboard Dollhouse

Paper Mache Cardboard Dollhouse

Since cardboard may wear and tear when loaded with too many items, you can add a layer of paper mache to make it appear puffy and most importantly robust.

Cardboard Paper Mache Dollhouse

Make Your Own Collapsible Cardboard Dollhouse

Carrying the dainty dollhouse to a picnic or someone’s home is no trouble at all as you can pack it the box before going out.

Collapsible Cardboard Dollhouse

Cardboard Barbie Doll House Project

A girl’s best childhood friend, Barbie, and her team have a magnificent castle-like house to dwell in glee. Start planning the décor soon as they are waiting to shift to their home.   

Cardboard Barbie Dollhouse

Whether a minimalist one-storey house or a luxurious castle, you are free to put in some more ideas to upgrade the interiors, providing extra space as well for the new toys.

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