Craft: 31 Egg Carton Flowers for Craft

Something as simple as egg cartons can be transformed into majestic flowers that adorn your desk, dining table or window sporting oodles of cuteness. Your guests can’t stop noticing these kaleidoscopic craft pieces that can change otherwise drab interiors with élan.

Egg Carton Flowers for Craft

Flowers from Egg Cartons

These pretty flowers give you a great reason not to trash empty egg cartons. Green pipe cleaners form the stems of the painted flowers. Instead of the regular pom pom balls, you can make the centers with yarn pom poms.

Egg Carton Flowers

Cool Egg Carton Flowers for Craft

Here are the instructions for making a funky Christmas wreath by hot gluing leaves and egg carton flowers to a ring cut out of a cereal box.

Egg Carton Flower Craft

Egg Carton Flowers for Kindergarten Kids

For this kids’ project, 3 cups are first cut out from an empty egg carton and that are then trimmed to have four round petals. The vase is made by painting a toilet paper roll.

Egg Carton Flowers for Kids

How to Make Egg Crate Flower Lights

A hole is made at the center of the flowers and serial lights inserted such that their plastic parts are attached to the flowers and the tiny bulbs are surrounded by the petals.

Egg Carton Flower Lights

Wreath Made Of Egg Carton Flowers

First, a ring is cut off from a foam base that is later glued on the inside and outside edges to leaves while flowers are fixed to its entire thickness. A ribbon attached at the back helps in hanging.

Egg Carton Flower Wreath

Mirror Flanked With Egg Carton Flowers

If you wish to give your dressing space a classy facelift you can decorate all around the edges of a round or an oval mirror with single or double layers of egg carton flowers.

Egg Carton Flower Mirror

Egg Carton Flower Instructions

 A bouquet of daffodil in a brilliant yellow hue could warm up your interiors in style. The slender stem is actually a pipe cleaner wrapped in floral tape and yellow crepe paper.

Egg Carton Flower Step By Step

Brilliant Egg Carton Flower Idea

Let spring never leave the walls of your house by creating this enchanting cherry blossom branch. A real branch is attached to the egg carton flowers in this one. Tree branches decorated thus can also go into the making of rustic tree branch curtain rods.

Egg Carton Flowers Idea

Egg Carton Flowers for Preschoolers

Little ones will happily get into a flurry of activity with egg cartons and paint to give shape to these cute flowers. A painted terracotta pot decorated with glitters is used as the holder. It contains Easter grass at its bottom to aid attachment of the popsicle sticks that act as the stems.

Egg Carton Flowers Preschool

Flowers with Egg Carton on Canvas

Paint a canvas in the desired choice of color and glue flower cups and a bunch of green pipe cleaners secured with a ribbon. Colorful buttons are used as the centers of the flowers.

Egg Carton Flowers on Canvas

Egg Carton Flowers as a Mother’s Day Gift

Sublimely elegant hand-painted roses can be a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Click on the above link for the tutorial. Though the instructions are in a foreign language, you will find that each step is followed by an English translation.

Egg Carton Flowers for Mother’s Day

Exquisite Mobile with Egg Carton Flowers

Egg Carton Flower Mobile

Art with Egg Carton Flowers

Egg Carton Flower Art

Garland of Egg Carton Flowers

Egg Carton Flower Garland

Charming Egg Carton Flower Pot

Egg Carton Flower Pot

Egg Carton Flower Picture Frame Decorations

Egg Carton Flower Frames

Advent Wreath Out Of Egg Carton Flowers

This dapper Advent wreath uses an embroidery hoop as the base.

Egg Carton Advent Wreath

Mesmerizing Egg Carton Flower Bouquet

Egg Carton Flower Bouquet

Egg Carton Flowers with Christmas Lights

Egg Carton Flower Christmas Lights

Instructions for Egg Carton Roses

Here is a complete DIY for making egg carton rose escort cards. Fixing them along the frames of mirrors is an excellent craft idea.

Egg Carton Roses Tutorial

Egg Carton Cup Flower Directions

Egg Carton Cup Flowers

Egg Carton Flowers Tutorial

You will be guided to make a quaint crown with egg carton flowers in the article linked above.

DIY Egg Carton Flowers

Fun Easter Wreath with Egg Carton Flowers

Egg Carton Easter Wreath

Fairy Lights in Egg Carton Flowers

Egg Carton Flower Fairy Lights

Garden of Egg Carton Flowers

Egg Carton Flower Garden

Making and Painting Egg Carton Flowers

How to Make Egg Carton Flowers

Glorious Egg Carton Flower Lamp

Egg Carton Flower Lamp

Egg Carton Flowers for Your String of Lights

Egg Carton Flower String Lights

Egg Carton Pendant Light for Christmas

Egg Carton Flower Pendant Light

Egg Carton Poppy Wreath Steps

For this project, you can make the centers of the poppies with either old buttons as directed or round pieces of paper layered together. You may want to add a few paper leaves behind the red flowers.

Egg Carton Poppy Wreath

Bouquet of Recycled Egg Carton Flowers

Go through the second craft idea of the post linked above to make these elegant flowers.

Recycled Egg Carton Flowers

You mind bubbling with ideas; you are all set to make your own egg carton flowers a reality.

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