Outdoors and Garden: Wine Bottle Planter: 12 DIY’s

The sleek wine bottles with various shades of dusky finish are the best choices for making a planter, vivifying your mini indoor garden, enabling you to water them easily as well. As a part of some unique spring collections for decking your abode, here are some ways for adding hordes of spring blooms to the tipsy bottles, reminding you once again about the significance of creative recycling.

Recycled Wine Bottle Planter

Wine Bottle Planter Directions

Since there are some, fanatic about growing herbs, we have just the right medium to cultivate the herbaceous delights with a self-watering system.

Wine Bottle Planters

Self-Watering Wine Bottle Planter

The empty window sills get a verdant touch when adorned with gorgeous wine bottle planters.

Wine Bottle Planters

Hanging Wine Bottle Planter

Indeed, the glass bottle planter would look fabulous when suspended from the ceiling. Reserve a corner space in the room to hang a plenty of these planters.

Wine Bottle Planter DIY

Wine Bottle Herb Pot

Gorgeous beauties come in petite packages as seen here, glorifying the balcony railing and infusing some greenery into your home.

DIY Wine Bottle Planter

Square Recycled Wine Bottle Planter

As long as you have hands-on experience in glass cutting, crafting the planter would be a cakewalk.

How to Make a Wine Bottle Planter

Self-Watering Wine Bottle Succulent Planters

Nothing ups an indoor garden space than a couple of freshly planted succulents bringing nature closer to you.

Self Watering Wine Bottle Planters

DIY Self Watering Wine Bottle Planter

The leafy planter stands out from the rest for its simplicity and unique look. With the arrival of the spring, you might give a try planting some flowers.

Wine Bottle Planter Tutorial

Upcycled Wine Bottles into Indoor Herb Planters

A row of murky bottle planters sitting on the window sill gives you a bit of green to enjoy while at home.

Wine Bottle Planters Garden Junk

Make your Own Hydroponic Wine Bottle Planter

Wine Bottle Hydroponic Planters DIY

Upside Down Wine Bottle Planter

All you need to do is remove off the bottom section of the bottle and fill it up with the plants before hanging it up. Imagine the jungle-like effect a string of adorable wine bottle planters creates when added to your porch.

Wine Bottle Upside Down Planter

Wine Bottle Herb Planter

DIY Wine Bottle Herb Planter

Inverted Wine Bottle Planters

Wine Bottle Planters Instructions

Wine bottles look better when repurposed into something useful rather than eating the space in the recycling bins. Since there is no question of using plastic bottles, making planters out of the shady glass bottles is a great environmental-friendly attempt.

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