Craft: 39 Wire Letters with DIY Instructions

Make the walls of your room stand out with this enviable assortment of wall letters along with instructions for creating them. They speak volumes about your aesthetic sense and crafting skills. Plus, it is reusability at its best.

DIY Wire Letters

Wire Letters How To

The video tutorial shows you how to make the letter “A” with wire. You can follow the same process for other alphabets as well. Gather inspiration for the fonts from the below picture.

Wire Letters

Wire Letters for Wall

Needle nose or jewelry pliers do the wire bending task easily. It is not absolutely necessary for the curves to be smooth, though. A little bit of ruggedness makes a funky design. You would need hammer and nails to fix it to the wall.

Wire Wall Letters

Barbed Wire Lettering

Including barbed wires in your project gives your letters a unique look. However, you need to be careful while handling them.

Barbed Wire Letter

Lovely Wire Letters

A piece of Aluminium floral wire and a paper template of the letters in your favorite font are the essentials of this activity.

Wire Design Letters

Copper Wire Letters for Wall Décor

Decorate your walls with shiny copper wire letters or letters in bright colors of electrical wires. Choose the colors that coordinate well with your walls.

Wire Letters Wall Decor

Make Your Own Wall Letters

Apart from excellent wall décor, your wire letters make gorgeous cake toppers. Click on the above link to know how.

How to Make Wire Letters

Wire Letters in 3D

Make personalized wire craft ornaments for adorning gifts, dinner tables, as well as Christmas trees.

3D Wire Letters

Wire Letters for Hangers

For a gala DIY wedding, your elaborate wedding gown would look stunning in this customized hanger.

Wire Hanger Letters

Metallic Wire Frame Letters

The instructions in this comprehensive guide to making metal wire letters are not in English. But that is not a problem. Just click on the above link. Once you are directed to the page, Google will ask you if you want to translate in English through a pop-up near the address bar. Click on the “Translate” button and you are ready to go.

Metal Wire Letters

Here is another great wire letter idea to woo your sweetheart. Big “EAT” letters make excellent wall art for the dining hall. If you want, you can experiment with a topiary on them.

Wire Frame Letters

Wire Letter Instructions

Here is a video guide to making the name of your friend or loved one by bending wires in style.

Wire Letters Tutorial

Wire Letters Step by Step

Here is a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift idea. Bent wires spelling out your hidden flame’s name in your favorite fonts. You can wrap it with colorful yarn if you wish to or just leave it as it is for a rustic look.

DIY Wire Letters

Wire Letter Directions with Template

Download and print this template for guiding you on making beautiful wire letters for the wall. You can wrap them with yarn of the desired color.

Wire Letters Template

Large Wire Letters with Flowers

Customize your space with large wire letters wrapped in fabric and glued all over with generous doses of silk blooms.

Wire Letters for Flowers

Wire Letters in Jewelry Making

Make a love bracelet for your special someone by bending wires appropriately. Get help by clicking the above link.

Wire Letters Jewelry

Alphabets in Wire-Shaped Letters

Make a decorative wedding banner by turning wires of bronze or any other dazzling material.

Wire Alphabet Letters

Art with Wire Letters

Wire Art Letters

Creative Wall Art with Wire Letters

You can either make cursive wire letters into a necklace as suggested in the video or fix it to the wall for a brilliant interior décor.

Wire Letters Wall Art

A to Z Names in Wire Letters

Some bead wire, flat and round nose pliers, jump rings and a chain are all you need for making trendy wire letter jewelry.

Wire Names Letters A to Z

Bent Wire Letters

Here is a personalized wire letter hanger for a beautiful bride’s wedding dress.

Wire Bending Letters

Block Wire Letter in Black

Make this beautiful personalized wire necklace with the initial of your name in block as the pendant.

Wire Block Letter

Beaded Wire Letter Ornaments

Decorate a garland, tree or a gift tag with these classy letter ornaments out of wire and beads.

Beaded Wire Letters

Cursive Wire Letters for Invitation Cards

Would-be moms can send out invitations for a “revealing” party with quaint wire letters adorning the cards.

Wire Cursive Letters

Wire Letters Craft

Make handmade art a reality with wood, floral wire and yarn in this budget friendly project. Throw in glitters to add a little jazz.

Wire Craft Letters

Letter Out Of Chicken Wire

Chicken wire wrapped into a tubular shape and covered with greenery and Christmas lights are the perfect ingredients for a fun-filled holiday.

Chicken Wire Letter

Wire Letter Decorations

Take a shot at wire letter making with this DIY. The letters can express your feelings for someone or just the special person’s name.

Wire Decorative Letters

Glowing EL Wire Letters

This Batman inspired neon sign will be a perfect embellishment for the entrance of your apartment. Pink EL wires do the trick here.

EL Wire Letters

Neon Wire Letters

How to Wire Neon Letters

Large Letters Made of Wire

Giant Wire Letters

Hanging Wire Letters as Coat Rack

Wire Wrap Letters Tutorial

Letters with Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh Letters

Pearled Wire Letter

Wire Pearl Letter

Fun Script in Wire Letters

Wire Script Letters

Wire Letters Sculpture

Wire Sculpture Letters

Making Wire Letters for Jewelry

Do this DIY with silver wire for added sheen on your accessories.

Wire Name Jewelry Letters

Lowercase Letters in Wire

Lowercase Wire Letters

Wire Name Letters Necklace

Wire Necklace Letters

Wire Letters for Cake

Letters on Wire for Cake

Bending Wire into Monogram Letter

Wire Monogram Letter

Instructions for Wire Wrap Letters

Wire Wrap Letters Tutorial

With such great ideas in your kitty, make a splash with your wire bending acumen.

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