Craft: 40 Paper Mache Balloon DIYs

Paper Mache crafts have become exceedingly popular over the recent times. Using a balloon as a base, you can create a lot of innovative things utilizing the technique of paper mache to enhance your home décor.

DIY Paper Mache Balloon

You can use the simple white glue or make one using flour and water to get a thick paste. Though strips of newspaper are mostly preferred for paper mache, you can even try out brown craft paper or softer ones like tissue or paper towels.

DIY Paper Mache Balloon

After you have this paper mache balloon ready, you can go ahead and make a galore of interesting things, a glimpse of which you will get in the tutorials to follow.

Paper Mache Balloon

How to Make a Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon: DIY

The pretty twine basket attached to the balloon with a cure Playmobil character sitting on it gives it a more attractive appearance.

Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon

How to Paper Mache a Balloon: DIY Instructions

The acrylic paint decorations on the paper mache balloons make it look furthermore gorgeous.

How to Paper Mache a Balloon

DIY Paper Mache Balloon Bowls

You can also emboss the name or initials of your loved one.

Balloon Paper Mache

DIY: Paper Mache Balloon Chandelier

The yarns wrapped around the balloons are yet another innovative idea if you have planned to host your wedding party in your plush apartment. To prevent the glue-coated yarn from sticking onto the balloon, you can smear the balloon with Vaseline first. When decoration your home for Christmas, you can dye the yarn in red and wrap them around your green balloons.

Paper Mache Balloons

Paper Mache Balloon Craft Idea: Trick-or-Treat Basket

This lovely pumpkin basket made by paper maching a balloon would serve as a wonderful Halloween trick-or-treat basket for your little one.

Paper Mache Balloon Craft

Paper Mache Balloon Idea: An Easy Tutorial

Hang it with a string in the middle of your room to give the appearance of a centerpiece.

Paper Mache Hot Air Balloon Tutorial

Paper Mache Jack-o-Lantern Faces from Balloons

These amusing Jack-o-Lantern faces would be a perfect hit at your Halloween party.

Paper Mache Balloon Faces

How to Make a Paper Mache Piñata Fish on a Balloon

This cute piñata fish would be the center of attraction on your kiddo’s birthday celebration. Make sure that the newspaper is dry enough so that the lovely fish does not break off.

Paper Mache Idea with Balloon

Paper Mache Bowl using a Balloon Base

Your kids would be enthralled see their favorite comic strip sitting on their goodie bowl.

Paper Mache Bowl with Balloon

Paper Mache Pumpkins with Balloons: DIY

You may have used a lot of innovative ways to make your Halloween pumpkin. Try a new way by creating them from paper mache balloons.

Paper Mache Pumpkins Using Balloons

Ollie the Owl Paper Mache Balloon Piñata

Theis famous Ollie the Owl piñata would be a fascinating game option for any party. You can also make a paper mache piñata without a balloon especially if you are designing something apart from animal figurines. In this case, you would need to use cardboard.

Paper Mache Balloon Piñata

Paper Mache Balloon Piñata

DIY Gold Bowl from Paper Mache Balloon

The golden spray paint on the bowl along with the sprinkled salt makes it look enticing.

Paper Mache Balloon Bowl

Paper Mache Balloon Planets: An Interesting Project

With all the planets within their reach, getting a brief knowledge about the solar system would be a cake walk for your children.

Paper Mache Balloon Project

Paper Mache Balloon Globe: How to Make

The green map along with the blue waters, painted on the balloon makes it look like a real globe, a perfect project for your kid to flaunt in front of his classmates on the occasion of Earth Day.

Paper Mache Globe

Making a Fish Costume Using a Paper Mache Balloon

You can make a costume of any other animal following the same procedure but by changing the shape according to the body features.

Paper Mache Balloon Fish

Paper Mache Easter Eggs from Balloons

You can use your paper mache bowl to contain these eggs.

Paper Mache Balloon Easter Eggs

Paper Mache Balloon Easter Egg Baskets

These marvelous baskets would be ideal to keep your small paper mache eggs or even any attractive goodies or toys that you plan to gift on the occasion of Easter. If you want small and perfect egg-like balloons, water balloons may be a good option.

Paper Mache Balloon Easter Baskets

Paper Mache Balloon Dinosaur: How to Do

Your dinosaur themed party would be a gala success, with this mighty paper mache balloon dinosaur followed by the dinosaur egg piñata as shown below.

Paper Mache Balloon Dinosaur

Paper Mache Balloon Dinosaur Egg Piñata

Have a lot of goodies stuffed inside this huge-sized dinosaur egg piñata. If the balloon has been wrapped in the newspaper first, then two layers of paper mache would be thick enough before the paper mache is removed.

Paper Mache Balloon Dinosaur Egg

How to Make a Paper Mache Balloon Cloud

If you have a blue wallpaper adorning the walls of your living room, hanging these clouds on the ceiling would give you the feeling that the skies are within your reach.

Paper Mache Balloon Cloud

How to Make a Paper Mache Black Cat Over a Balloon

With these handmade black cats and pretty pumpkin, your Halloween party will be a great success.

Paper Mache Balloon Cat

Easy Paper Mache Flower Vase with Balloons

Dry the balloon overnight after you have glued the strips of paper on it to make the base strong enough.

Paper Mache Balloon Vase

How to Paper Mache a Skull Mask Using a Balloon

With this scary skull mask sitting on your face, you can scare the guests to the core.

Paper Mache Balloon Skull Mask

How to Do a Paper Mache Piggy Bank on a Balloon

This piggy bank would come as a pleasant surprise for your child, especially when he is just learning to save his money.

Paper Mache Balloon Piggy Bank

Paper Mache Ladybug Balloon Piñata: Tutorial

This ladybug piñata would be perfect for a lady bug themed party.

Paper Mache Ladybug Balloon

Paper Mache Balloon Garlands: How to Do

If you have made a faux fireplace, then take your creativity a level by making a colorful garland from paper mache balloons.

Paper Mache Balloon Garland

Paper Mache Heart on a Balloon

You can embellish the paper mache balloon heart by painting something special on it to give it a personalized touch.

Paper Mache Heart Balloon

Handmade Paper Mache Balloon Snowman: An Interesting Tutorial

If you are busy DIY-ing a lot of stuff for Christmas, consider making this cute snowman by paper maching on a balloon.

Paper Mache Balloon Snowman

Christmas Ornaments with Paper Mache Balloon

Your home or the Christmas tree would look marvelous when decorated with many such colorful ornaments.

Paper Mache Balloon Christmas Ornaments

Iron Man Helmet from Paper Mache Balloon

If your little boy is fascinated by the Iron Man helmet, make him one on his birthday, which he can flaunt with a matching costume for a fashion dress party at school.

Paper Mache Balloon Helmet

Paper Mache Balloon Hat Tutorial

Paper Mache Balloon Hat

Paper Mache Balloon Maracas: DIY

Make plenty of these as gifts for the kids who attend your little one’s birthday bash.

Paper Mache Balloon Maracas

Paper Mache Balloon Santa Piñata

Place this piñata outdoors so that all the munchkins present at the Christmas party can break it and grab the gifts dear Santa has in store for them.

Paper Mache Balloon Santa

St Martin Paper Mache Balloon Lantern

Paper Mache Balloon Lantern

Paper Mache Balloon Dragon Piñata

Paper Mache Dragon Balloon

DIY Paper Mache Balloon Bird Feeder

Paper Mache Balloon Bird Feeder

Paper Mache Balloon Elephant: Instructions

Paper Mache Balloon Elephant

Paper Mache Balloon Animals: Penguin Project

Paper Mache Balloon Animal

DIY: How to Make a Paper Mache Balloon Lamp

Paper Mache Balloon Lamp

So with these ample designs at hand, you would have a whale of a time spending the summer break with kids, teaching them something enjoyable and productive.

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