Craft: 14 Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft Ideas

If you want your mischievous kids to get into some creative action during their summer break, then teach them to create a host of colorful flowers from the used up toilet paper rolls. Allow me to walk you through some interesting instructions and tutorials to make your task easy and convenient.

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft Ideas

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers: DIY Instructions

You may paint the flowers in bright colors for a stunning visual impact. In order to add a creative touch you may also shape out pretty butterflies from the toilet paper rolls.

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Tutorial

You can embellish the colorful flowers further by sprinkling sparkle or glitter at the centre.

Toilet Paper Roll Flower

Wall Flower Made out of Toilet Paper Rolls: A Simple DIY

You can also dab a little green spray paint along with the red one if you are decorating your home for Christmas.

Flowers Made out of Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Wall Art: How to Make

If you really do not want to spend an enormous sum to get a suitable wall paper to decorate your walls, this amazing design of flowers made from the upcycled toilet paper rolls would be a wonderful idea to beautify your home.

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Wall Art

An Enticing Idea to Make Toilet Paper Roll Wall Flower

You can spray paint the flowers keeping in mind the wall color of your room for an ecstatic impact.

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Idea

Paper Flowers Made from a Recycled Toilet Paper Roll: An Interesting Craft

This pretty flower made from paper rolls would be an apt Mother’s Day gift.

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Flower for Wall Art

Flower from Toilet Paper Roll

DIY Rainbow Flower from Toilet Paper Roll: An Easy Craft for Kids

An amazing craft to keep your kiddo busy and energized during his summer break!

Toilet Paper Roll Flower for Kids

Rose Flowers Made From Tissue Paper Rolls

This colorful bouquet of lovely roses, sitting on a stylish flower vase would enhance the charm of your living room.

Toilet Paper Roll Roses

Handmade Toilet Paper Flowers: Do it Yourself

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

Instructions to Make Pretty Flowers from Toilet Paper Rolls

The bamboo skewers painted in green gives the flowers an authentic look. You can replace the glass pots with cool looking vases made from toilet paper rolls. All you need to do is to resize your roll and wrap it in a showy gift paper.

Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Instructions

Upcycled Tissue Paper Roll Wall Hanging

Placing this big flower just above your mantelpiece would serve as a perfect wall hanging, intensifying your home décor further.

How to Make a Toilet Paper Roll Flower

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Wreath

The red holly sitting in between the green flowers give it a perfect Christmas fervor.

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Wreath

Colorful Toilet Paper Roll Flowers Tutorial

The assorted buttons in between the flowers make the arrangement look even more appealing. Instead of arranging them in the form of a wreath, you can arrange them randomly on the wall.

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Tutorial

With a galore of magnificent ideas at hand, you would definitely be able to teach your kids something fruitful and innovative alongside adding something interesting to your wall décor.

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