Craft: Candy Bar Cake: 15 Cool Ideas

The mere mention of candy bars can make one’s mouth water and it not always have to be the children. While you might have umpteen recipes in your kitty for making yummy cakes, its time you do something innovative with a variety of candy bars, lollipops, and toffees. Presenting you a wide assortment of sugary candy bar cakes sans any mixing or baking, rekindling your taste buds once again.

Candy Bar Cake Pictures

Candy Bar Cake: Step By Step Tutorial

On a cake board, place two mushy Styrofoam rounds and wrap them with a glossy ribbon. Then start gluing the candy bars to the foams in the same direction and as toppings use smaller candies and toffees.

Candy Bar Cake

Easy Candy Bar Cake Tutorial

The delicious-looking candied cake is simple to make with a couple of empty tin cans arranged like a tower and the candy bars being attached to them.

Candy Bar Cake

Chocolate Candy Bar Cake

The little play bucket overflowing with toothsome candy bars is placed at the top as a cute icing on the cake.

How to Make a Candy Bar Cake

Easy to Make: Candy Bar Cake

The funky satin ribbons do the dual purpose of embellishing the cake and providing the extra grip for holding the confectionary bars together. Watch out when your kids spot the plump lollipops in the paper cup sitting on the cake.

How to Make a Candy Bar Cake

Candy Bar Cake DIY

Less effort needed to design a cake that’s single-tiered and snugly lies on a cupcake stand. With candles planted on the artificial dessert, it would be mistaken for an original birthday cake by anyone.

Hershey Candy Bar Cake

Halloween Candy Bar Cake

The spooky feel comes from the glittery black and gold bite-size chocolates placed at the base of the candy bar cake.

Candy Bar Cake Idea

Pop Can Candy Bar Cake

In those homes where there’s a dearth of empty tins, soda cans could take their place for building the cake tied around in a pretty ribbon. Have you already decided to gift it to your BFF?

How to Make a Cake out of Candy Bars

Snicker Candy Bar Birthday Cake

As your kiddo turns a year older, you can do something out-of-the-box rather than cut the stereotypical birthday cake. How about a candy bar loaded cake for the celebrations?

Candy Bar Birthday Cake

Milky Way and Snickers Candy Bar Cake

When it’s Christmas, you cannot complain about indulging in variegated sugary delights. Bet all the candy bars will be gone by New Year.

Candy Bar Cake Bouquet

Make your Candy Bar Birthday Cake

Candy Bar Birthday Cake DIY

Cake Made with Candy Bars

The spic and span look of the mouth-watering candy bar cake can give competition to even the best confectioneries at the store.

Candy Bar Cake Tutorial

How to Make a Candy Bar Tower Cake

Your search for the perfect Halloween party treat ends here. Wait till you crave for more candy bars.

Candy Bar Cake Tower

DIY Candy Bar Cake

Scatter the mini candies over the one-tiered cake and gobble them up whenever you get a chance.

How to Build a Candy Bar Cake

Candy Bar Cake Instructions

Candy Bar Cake Centerpiece

Candy Bar Cake Craft

As Mother’s Day is nearing, you can surprise her with a sweet treat made of various candy bars and a little card mounted at the top with a family photo on it.

Candy Bar Tiered Cake

The gourmet variety of cakes made from candy bars does not always need a special occasion to add some sweetness to your house. And you are not going to run short of any help as the kids would excitedly make the edible craft all by themselves and have a bite or two.

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