Craft: Wine Cork Trivet: 15 Interesting Ways to Make

In the kitchen drawer of every wine lover, it’s not uncommon to find an overflow of wine corks ready to be disposed into the trash. As a last-minute craft for home décor, these heat-resistant corks can be used to make a trivet for protecting your precious table tops and counters from heat stains. If you have a wooden frame, then check out the varied patterns of arranging the corks on it.

How to Make a Wine Cork Trivets

Wine Cork Trivet Craft

Placing the corks in a vertical and horizontal fashion alternately gives ample space to fit all of them so that the trivet stays taut and firm.

Cork Trivet

Simple Wine Cork Trivet

Ditch the frame when you have a plain wooden board. Use a strong adhesive to glue the corks securely to the board and prep your kitchen counter-top.

Wine Cork Trivet

Do It Yourself: Wine Cork Trivet

The rustic shades of the cork lend a contrasting effect to an eye-catching tabletop taking you back to a typical mid-century setting. 

Cork Trivet

DIY Wine Cork Trivet

Doesn’t the cork-filled picture frame create a winsome tablescape? More detailed instructions available in the video provided by the tutorial.

Wine Cork Trivet DIY

Cork Trivet Tutorial

The nostalgic charisma of the classic trivet would only make you aware of recycling the wine corks the next time you open a bottle of wine.

Wine Cork Trivet

Wine Cork Trivet: How to Make

A mini wine-tasting festival in the backyard of your home with loads of bottles and glasses needs to have a dozen of cork trivets as party essentials.

How to Make a Wine Cork Trivet

How to Make a Wine Cork Trivet: DIY

A frameless trivet can hold the corks together only when you use strong glue for a greater durability.

Cork Trivet DIY

Hexagon Wine Cork Trivet

Full points for the hexagon trivet designed tactfully by making the corks stand and gluing them together.

How to Make a Cork Trivet

DIY Wine Cork Trivet and Hot Plate

As a wine favor, the mini trivet decorated with a cute ribbon is the perfect match. The guests will surely enjoy every sip of it.

DIY Wine Cork Trivet

Kitchen Wine Cork Trivet and Heat Mat

How to Make a Wine Cork Trivet

Making a Wine Cork Trivet

Wine Cork Trivet Instructions

Upcycling DIY Wine Cork Trivet

Keep a piping hot mug of coffee or a tea kettle on the trivet and save your priceless coffee table from bearing the brunt of the heat. 

Wine Cork Trivet Design

DIY Wine Cork Trivet Tutorial 

Cork Trivet Pattern

DIY Circular Wine Cork Trivet

Circular Cork Trivet

Ombre Wine Cork Heart Trivet

As a deviation from the regular use of a trivet, the warm-hearted wine cork art looks more appealing hanging on the bare walls than lying on a wood countertop.

Wine Cork Heart Trivet

An assortment of wine corks is hard to find but to cover up the rustic beige appearance of the oak stoppers you may infuse some wonderful colors and upgrade the look of the trivet. So pop open the wine bottles and get straight into the trivet-making project.

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