Craft: 45 Cake Pop Stand How-To’s

Have you always shied away from making yummy cake pops for parties just for the lack of properly crafted stands to display your stuff? Well, we know that the commercial ones burn a hole in your pocket. Hence we came up with some excellent tutorials for helping you to create them yourselves.

Cake Pop Stand Pictures

How to Make a Cake Pop Stand

When you are throwing a birthday party for your little one, you are likely to consider creating a cake pop stand for the dessert table that is large enough to hold all the yummy chocolate cake pops as well as some miniature cones filled with delicious mousse.

Cake Pop Stand

Red Cake Pop Stand

A wooden plaque, drill and measuring tape are all you need to make this quaint stand for cake pops. Spray paint in red for a charming appeal.

Picture of Cake Pop Stand

Round Cake Pop Stand

In this delightful project, patterned cardstock was taped round the outer edge of a foam disc. The upper surface of the disc was covered with perforated cardstock before inserting the cake pops and filling up the cavity with gumballs.

Cake Pops Stand

Cake Pop Stand Tutorial

This four tiered cake pop stand is made out of Styrofoam cut in various sizes and spray painted in metallic blue and black. A silver trim or ribbon round alternate tiers gives a glam finish.

How to Make a Cake Pop Stand

Cake Pop Stand Instructions

A brilliant idea of stamping the cross symbol all over a covered cardboard box using a carrot and stamping ink is demonstrated here.

DIY Cake Pop Stand

3 Tier Round Display Stand for Cake Pops

Styrofoam discs in 3 different sizes, Styrofoam glue and 3 sheets of scrapbook paper in a pretty zebra pattern nails this grand party accent.

Cake Pop Display Stand

Wood Cake Pop Stand

Wooden Cake Pop Stand

Colorful Cake Pop Display Stand

Cake Pop Display Stand Idea

DIY 3 Tier Cake Pop Stand Idea

Here, a plastic piece is used as the base to hold the tiered Styrofoam cake pop stand.

Cake Pop Stand Idea

Easy Cake Pop Stand

Simple Cake Pop Stand

Minnie Mouse Cake Pop Stand Out Of Styrofoam

Cut shapely pieces of foam and decorate with red polka-dotted paper and ribbon to make this beauty for a Disney-themed party.

Styrofoam Cake Pop Stand

Well, in a similar vein, a Mickey Mouse shape is also going to be a hit with the kids.

Mickey Mouse Cake Pop Stand

Push Pop Cake Stand

Cake Push Pop Stand

Decorated Square Cake Pop Stand

Scroll down the linked post where the author describes four great ways of making cake pop stands out of reusable items.

Cake Pop Decorating Stand

5 Tier Cake Pop Stand for Weddings

Though the linked tutorial is for a three-tiered cupcake or mini cake tower, you just need to pierce holes all round the Styrofoam cake dummies and increase the number of tiers as per your wish to turn it into an elegant wedding cake pop stand. Decorate the tiers with satin ribbons and red colored paper for an eye-catching effect.

Wedding Cake Pop Stand

3 Tiered Cake Pop Stand Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial to teach you the basics of making a cake pop stand out of Styrofoam. You can decorate and increase the number of tiers as per your wish for your baby boy’s birthday party.

3 Tier Cake Pop Stand

If you do not want so many tiers, you can use a single foam disc and cover it around with a zebra print paper for rocking a zebra-themed party.

Zebra Cake Pop Stand

Plastic Cake Pop Display Stand Idea

Plastic Cake Pop Stand

How to Make Cake Pops Stand

Stand For Cake Pops

A Brilliant Tree Stand for Cake Pops

Cake Pop Tree Stands

Pink Cake Pop Stand for a Birthday

Pop Cake Stand

Cupcake and Cake Pop Stand

Here is a brilliant idea for a stand that can house all your yummy cupcakes and cake pops. If you want, you can make the 3 tiers in a square shape.

Cake Pop and Cupcake Stand

3 Tier Wooden Cake Pop Tower Stand with Plan

This beautiful piece of art has been crafted from plywood. The step-by-step comes replete with a comprehensive plan for cutting the wood.

Cake Pop Tower Stand

How to Make a Cake Pop Stand Out Of Cardboard

Cardboard Cake Pop Stand

Spooky Cake Pop Stand for Halloween

Halloween Cake Pop Stand

Cake Pop Stand and Cover

These pretty holders come with a paper cover for safe transportation. If you want, you can also make a dome lid to cover the pops.

Cake Pop Stands with Covers

Box Cake Pop Stand

You can cover the box cake pop stand with shiny wrapping paper as shown in the tutorial or use any matte scrapbook paper with beautiful paper art patterns glued to it.

Cake Pop Stand Box

Make Your Own Cake Pop Stand for a Baby Shower

In the linked post the author talks about making this beautiful cake pop stand among other fab party décor ideas.

Cake Pop Stand for Baby Shower

Make a Holiday Cake Pop Stand with Designs

Pepper the holiday season with this stunning Christmas cake pop stand.

Cake Pop Stand Design

Cake Pop Stand Alternative for Drying

Dry your delicious cake pops in this innovative cake pop stand.

Cake Pop Stand for Drying

Cake Pops Standing On Glass

Cake Pop Stand Filled with Glass Beads

Cake Pop Stand for Graduation

You can either lodge your graduation pops in Styrofoam covered with gold glitters or in any leftover wooden scrap piece if you want something sturdy.

Graduation Cake Pop Stand

Holder for Cake Pops

In the linked instructions, the author has painted the wooden board stand white. If you want, you can cover it with colorful paper of your choice.

Cake Pop Stand Holder

How to Stand Cake Pops

You will be given 6 awesome ideas for cake pop holders in the linked post using glass, egg carton and shapely Styrofoam among others. Take your pick.

Homemade Cake Pop Stand

Wrap a satin ribbon with cute polka dots round the stand for a glam vintage look.

Vintage Cake Pop Stand

Hello Kitty Cake Pop Holder Video

In the video tutorial, you will be guided to make a cake pop stand in a unique shape. You can use it to house your delicious hello kitty cake pops.

Hello Kitty Cake Pop Stand

Lego Cake Pop Stand for Kids

Lego Cake Pop Stand

Ladybug Pop Cake Stand

Ladybug Cake Pop Stand

Rectangle Cake Pop Stand For a Nautical Theme Party

Nautical themed cake pops would look amazing in this DIY long cake pop stand.

Nautical Cake Pop Stand

Ninja Turtle Cake Pop Stand with Lid

This delightful plan of making a cake pop stand in sewer lid style has been shared by the author among other décor ideas for a Ninja Turtle themed birthday bash.

Ninja Turtle Cake Pop Stand

Lush Cake Pop Presentation Stand

A lush mossy cake pop or marshmallow stand does its bit towards making the Earth greener.

Cake Pop Presentation Stand

Cake Pop Stand in Rainbow Form

Rainbow Cake Pop Stand

Charming Rustic Cake Pop Stand

In the above-linked post, the author talks about how she customized wooden cake pop stands that she made for a birthday celebration. You will be redirected to the page where she has given the details of how she made the original stands.

Rustic Cake Pop Stand

Cake Pop Stand – Reusable

Reusable Cake Pop Stand

Template for Building a Cake Pop Stand

Many find it difficult to space the holes of their stands at equal intervals. These paid templates for boxes that can hold up to 12 cake pops will ease the process. There are also templates for boxes with lids.

Cake Pop Stand Template

Interesting Cake Pop Stand Substitute

Scroll down the linked post to find out how an empty egg box tray can act as a great alternative for a commercial cake pop stand. A wonderful recipe for making pumpkin cake pops comes as a bonus.

Substitute for Cake Pop Stand

Cake Pop Stand in a Large Size

Just increase the size of the square wooden plaque as indicated in the tutorial and also the number of drilled holes to make this oversized cake pop stand. The steps come replete with a template for drilling holes. You can download it for accurate measurements.

Large Cake Pop Stand

Elegant Cake Pop Stand Pattern

Cake Pop Stand Pattern

With such lovely ideas in you kitty, your next party is going to be a hit among your friends and relatives. What’s more? Kids are going to love your creations! Just add the tasty recipes that come with some of the tutorials and there! Your party pops and holders are going to be etched in your guests’ minds forever.

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