Craft: 14 Beaded Garland Ideas

The shimmering strands of glinting beads are a welcome change to any wedding decoration, birthday party favors, or simply a wall hanging art. Hang, wound, or just drape a beaded garland to brighten up your interior space with flashes of color. The trick of making the garland is easy and would barely take time. Refer to the tutorials and play with the beads.

Beaded Garland Ideas

Bead Garland for the Holidays

The glossy beads stringed to the thread represent a colorful festoon that could be hung on the wall or a fireplace mantel.

Beaded Garland

Christmas Bead and Fabric Garland

Don’t these bright red beads remind you of luscious berries freshly plucked? For an unconventional holiday décor, nothing could be better than this pretty garland.

Bead Garland

How to Make an Ombre Beaded Garland

The effect is undoubtedly dramatic when the beads coming in different hues of pink blend into the other upping the glam of your Christmas tree.

Christmas Bead Garland

DIY Wood Bead Christmas Garland

The rugged finish of wooden beads pairs well anything rustic keeping the décor classy and elegant.

Beaded Christmas Garland

Make a Vintage Christmas Garland

A holiday decoration cannot go without jingle bells and tons of Christmas sparkles. When wrapped around the Christmas tree, the pops of colors bring a cheerful glow.

Glass Bead Garland

DIY: Ombre Blue Wooden Bead Garland

Deck the hallway or your entrance with another ombre garland arranging the beads in such a sequence to add the perfect touch of vibrancy.

Wood Bead Garland

Crystal Bead Garland Project

Hang a couple of crystal strands to bring sparkle into your indoor space along with white curtains for highlighting the shiny beads.

Crystal Beaded Garland

Wood Bead Garland

Pick up some plain wooden beads and string them into a vintage-looking garland. And for a polychromatic feel, dip the beads in paints before threading them together.

Wooden Bead Garland

How to Make Beaded Garland

Maintaining wide gaps between the beads makes the garland appear neat and less junky. Just to keep up with the spring flavors, pick dry maple leaves and insert them to fill up the spaces.

Beaded Wire Garland

Make Your Own Christmas Beaded Garland

Now this beaded garland fits well with even a simple Christmas décor having all pretty festive shades.

Christmas Beaded Garland

Head to the thrift store and collect hordes of gleaming glass beads to whip out a garland in a similar fashion.

Vintage Glass Bead Garland

Black and Blue Beaded Garland

Adding tiny marble-inspired beads will give a gorgeous accent to your next get-together with friends.

Glass Bead Christmas Garland

Red White Wood Beaded Garland

How to Make Beaded Garland

Easter Decoration Beaded Garland

Beaded Garland Idea

The color options are many and varied for the beads starting from glittery gold to bold black. The technique of garland-making is easy and getting the kids involved would be a great idea. So wait no further and make the festive pieces ready for the next party.

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