Woodworking Projects: 11 Tree Stump Side Table Designs

If you love increasing your furniture collections by designing them on your own, then here is another enticing idea for you to avail. You can get hold of the stumps of the cut off trees lying around in your garden and model them into stylish side tables. Let us glance through some interesting ways in which you can use a tree stump as a side table.

Tree Stump Side Table Designs

Tree Stump Side Table

If you are into knitting or crocheting, make a pretty cover to decorate this fashionable table.

Tree Stump Side Table

Natural Tree Stump Side Table: An Easy Tutorial

You can retain the natural colors of the tree stump rather than painting it to get a rustic look. Attaching the casters at the bottom of the table would make it easily moveable from one place to the other.

Natural Tree Stump Side Table

Tree Stump Side Table: An Interesting How-to

Kept at the side of your plush sofa set, it would serve as a great stand for your plants.

Tree Stump Side Tables

A DIY Tree Stump Side Table

Adding felt pads would protect your floor from scratches.

Tree Stump Side Table DIY

DIY for Making a Tree Stump Side Table

This tallish side table would conveniently serve as your hand rest while you relax in your recliner.

DIY Tree Stump Side Table

How to Make a Side Table Out of Tree Stump

How to Make Tree Stump Side Table

Instructions for Making a White Tree Stump Side Table

By using white emulsion paint you can get this elegant piece of furniture made. Give your tree stump a gorgeous look by painting it in gray, silver, gold or a color matching the walls of your room.

White Tree Stump Side Table

Handmade Petrified Wood Tree Stump Side Table

To get the beautiful cracks on the tree stump, which looks like an intricate design, drying it for a longer time is essential. The coat of gray stain applied on the stump along with sanding process gives it the appearance of a petrified wood.

Tree Side Table

How to Build a Tree Stump Coffee Table: DIY

This oval-shaped coffee table designed from tree stumps would definitely add charm to your home décor.

Tree Stump Coffee Table

An easier of making a tree stump coffee table would be to attach a glass top on the side table that you have already made.

Tree Stump Coffee Table with Glass Top

DIY Stump Side Table from a Reclaimed Wood

If you have a reclaimed tree stump then redesign it to form a unique side table like the one shown in the picture below.

Reclaimed Tree Stump Side Table

So with an array of side table ideas in your kitty, get set to decorate your home with some of the stylish designs. In fact, apart from side tables, you can use the bark as well as the stump to build coffee tables, dining tables, end tables, chairs and various other furniture.

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