Interior Design: Tree Branch Curtain Rod: 15 DIY Tutorials

A branch curtain rod is an excellent way to infuse a rustic appeal in your interiors. A piece of nature in your abode would be a welcome break from the artificial monotony induced by the brick, mortar, plastic and metal, characteristic of modern homes.

DIY Tree Branch Curtain Rod

Tree Branch as Curtain Rod

In this tutorial, the bark is chipped off a tree branch with a flat headed screwdriver and then it is sanded to give it the desired texture. A coat of Polycrylic is then administered to get rid of bugs if any. The remaining details come with the post linked above.

Tree Branch Curtain Rod

How to Make a Branch Curtain Rod

In this step-by-step, iron plant hangers were fixed upside down to the walls at the top of windows that acted as the cradles to hang the branch curtain rod.

Branch Curtain Rod

Branch for a Curtain Rod

Saw off a few tree branches being careful to leave behind a handful of stubs, whittle off the bark and shape well to make this unique curtain rod.

Branch as Curtain Rod

Tree Branch for a Curved Curtain Rod

Collect a few long tree branches during your walks to the greenery and clean them nicely with a scrub brush and rug. Follow that up with spray painting them in black and sealing them off with polyurethane. A lovely tree branch rod is ready for your favorite curtains! 

Make Your Own Tree Branch Curtain Rod

Make a Curtain Rod from a Tree Branch

A couple of bike hooks were used to fix this curved branch curtain rod firmly in place on the wall. 

DIY Tree Branch Curtain Rod

Curtain Rod Made From Birch Branch

Fairly straight birch branches were used to make this magnificent rod for the curtains as well the beautiful brackets that host the former.

Birch Branch Curtain Rod

Using a Branch as a Curtain Rod

DIY Branch Curtain Rod

Make a Curtain Rod from a Branch

This attractive piece of interior décor is hanged at just the right edge and center from brackets and allowed to angle down beautifully towards the left side that has no support.

Branch Curtain Rod Tutorial

Wood Branch Curtain Rod

Wooden Branch Curtain Rod

Branch Curtain Rod Painted White

In the linked post, the author is going gaga over all things white in her home décor. Check out the part where she talks about making white branch curtain rods.

White Branch Curtain Rod

Hanging a Branch Curtain Rod

How to Hang a Branch Curtain Rod

Branch Curtain Rod in a Curved Shape

The exciting tree branch curtain rod idea described in the linked article is worth a try.

Curved Branch Curtain Rod

Curtain Rod Made From a Natural Branch

Natural Branch Curtain Rod

Rustic Branch Rod for a Curtain with Grommets

Rustic Branch Curtain Rod

Shower Curtain Rod Made With a Tree Branch

Clicking on the above link will take you to a site that features different curtain hardware ideas in the form of a slideshow. You just need to go the second slide for a brilliant shower curtain rod DIY.

Tree Branch Shower Curtain Rod

Your guests will be delighted at the country charm of your home decor lent by the rustic looks of the tree branches popping out of the tops of your curtains. You can color them in a shade that stands in contrast to your walls and curtains if you want a pop of color instead of their natural looks.

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