Craft: 10 DIY Tutorials for Making a Book Clutch

Avid book readers always have some new additions to their personal library. So what happens to the vintage books with tattered covers and near-to-finish pages? Rather than discarding the textual tomes, you can downsize them into a dapper clutch, lending an ultra new look courtesy a bedecked fabric cover. Browse through the following tutorials to induce a dash of arty-crafty vibe to the outdated book bindings.

Making a Book Clutch

Chic Book Clutch

The whole idea of contriving a clutch from an old book is ripping off few of the pages, attaching a small fabric pocket to the inside and neatly covering the page with scrap paper. Lastly, fix the clutch to the book and go out flaunting it.

Book Clutch

Homemade Book Clutch

Gift your bookworm pals a bookish-styled purse for her birthday that undoubtedly makes for an awesome statement accessory.

Book Clutch Purse

Recycled Book Clutch

The illegible texts can be turned into a hunky-dory creation adding oodles of intellectual appeal to your outfit of the day.

Clutch Book

Zipper Book Clutch

The donnish feel given to the book cover make this quirky purse a must for stuffing in a full-bodied novel, pens or even some of your craft supplies besides the regular essentials.

Book Clutch DIY

Vintage Book Clutch

The hard paper book cover is suavely separated from the hefty bundle of pages, and a strap of fabric along with the zip fastener are glued to the top of the book to create a flaunt-worthy accessory.

Book Clutch Tutorial

Old Book Turned into Purse

Up the aesthetic quotient of a worn-out book cover by giving it an exceptional fabric finish. Make sure a magnetic snap kit and sewing machine are within fingertip reach.

How to Make a Book Clutch Purse

Book Clutch Gift

Spacious in design and elegant look-wise, the sterling fashion craft accessory dons a handle adding the glamorous touch to a back-to-college ensemble.

DIY Book Clutch Bag

Cheap Book Clutch

What happens when you have a ragged book cover and a dull-colored clutch lying around the house? Just club the two and cover with a fabric paper to create a capacious purse. Nothing could have been a better topper than the satin ribbon flower.

Book Cover Clutch Purse

Book Clutch Craft

The resplendent chemistry between the red and beige makes a stylish statement whenever you throw an informal wear.

Book Clutch Wallet

Making purse out of a book

Scholastically detailed and sleek, carry the clutch with poise and hog the fashion limelight with your literary prowess.

Book Clutch Instructions

Books with worn-out binding can be repurposed into understated decorative items that come to a great use rather than just being a mere decor in the house. With a book clutch by your side, you no longer have to give a thought to stashing your cash, credit cards, or makeup essentials. So are you ready to start your DIY line of fashion accessories?

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