Outdoors and Garden: 11 Tire Planters with DIY Instructions

As the colorful spring is soon going to knock at the doors and bid adieu to the chilly winter winds, the gardening enthusiasts can come out of their holiday hibernation, geared up with spades, pruners, and trowels, and a couple of repurposed tires pulled out of the garage to elevate their small strip of outdoor grassy space into a blossoming wonderland. Take a quick glance at the following tutorials to rediscover your love for growing and nurturing varieties of plants.

Tire Planters with DIY Instructions

Blooming Tire Planters

Stack the tires in a combination of two or three and go on a gardening spree, planting gorgeous ornamental plants, succulent herbs, and low-maintenance perennials, retaining the earthy charm through all the seasons.

Old Tire Planters

Car Tire Planter

Bet you will never look at the distressed tires lying haplessly inside the garage the same again. Use a repurposed pallet board as the base and cover it with a garbage bin bag before filling it with soil for a mini backyard garden creation.

Tire Planter

Tire Garden Planters

Adorn your outdoor deck or garden area with old tires transformed into sturdy planters to make the surrounding appear verdant and naturedly.

Tire Planters

Tire Planter Idea

Urban gardeners have another reason to get motivated for creating their version of a tiny vegetable yard with a used tire artfully designed into a mammoth yet vivacious plant pot.

How to Make a Tire Planter

Painted Tire Planters

Stained with bright paints the tire planters undoubtedly represent an epitome of lawn art looking incredibly brilliant even when you see them from far.

Recycled Tire Planters

Ladybug Tire Planter

A delightful outdoor accent, the cute ladybug planter with enormous antlers and an adorable face is a one-stop spot for planting fragrant herbs, blossoming, flowers, and leafy vegetables.

Animal Tire Planter

Easy Tire Planter

The rustic texture of an old tire can be covered with few strokes of metallic paint. Moreover, the enchanting planter makes an ideal space-saving plant-growing container when suspended outside the house, infusing a pop of color into your patio or front porch.

Hanging Tire Planter

Flower Pot Tire Planter

A true inspiration for terrace garden enthusiasts, the tire planter project, combines blobs of colors and succulent plants sans the muddy mess.

Tire Planter Instructions

Repurposed Tire Planter

Only an ardent DIY fanatic understands the value of recycling reclaimed stuff. Why not the old tires make way into your garden bursting with blossoms and greenery?

Tire Planter DIY

Designer Tire Planter

A praiseworthy DIY planter craft, the recovered tires are molded into giant teacup flower pots providing ample space to replenish them with soil and compost for the plants to thrive well.

Teacup Tire Planters

Rubber Tire Planter

Used Tire Planter

Having a horticultural flair will make it, even more, fun to gather the old tires, cut apart the spokes and wheel, and establish a mini-pastoral space around your house with a string of flamboyant plant holders. Follow the instructions to get edified about few innovative tricks for lending more eccentric shapes to the planters.

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