Craft: 25 Cool DIY Ideas for Making a Jewelry Holder

Your dresser might boast of tons of accessories but when it comes to arranging them a standard jewelry box is the only alternative you can think of for getting rid of the clutter. So instead of going the conventional jewelry-organizing route, your creative hands can dish out the following whimsical jewelry holders, maintaining tidiness and gracing your décor as well.

DIY Ideas for Making a Jewelry Holder

Jewelry Holder for Earrings

Glam up a jaded wooden photo frame to keep your best pairs at an easy-to-access place. It’s time to bid goodbye to the shabby jewelry box.

Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

Shadow Box Jewelry Organizer

Throw away the glass covering of a distressed shadow box, decorate it with a gorgeous wallpaper, and drill few screw hooks to whip up this praise-worthy DIY creation.

Jewelry Holder

Wooden Frame Jewelry Holder

A plastic canvas is the first and the foremost craft material you need to bring home to reuse an old photo frame for stashing your treasured baubles.

DIY Jewelry Holder

Eco Jewelry Holder

Compartmentalize a sturdy inner tray tactfully with the addition of wooden skewers or rods to give way to your gorgeous-designed earrings and necklaces and hook it up on the wall.

Jewelry Holder DIY

Salvaged Drawer Jewelry Holder

An adoringly, rustic-looking jewelry organizer showcasing a dizzying array of custom ornaments neatly arranged in a row with knobs at one side for accommodating your extra load of collections just in case you run out of space.

Jewelry Holder DIY

Making Jewelry Holder

The numerous leafless branches planted firmly in a small pot are waiting to get decked with glittery accessories adding a rustic vibe to the room while bringing the nature indoor.

Tree Jewelry Holder

Jewelry Holder Tutorial

The craggy silhouette of deer antlers with pointed boughs demands a classy embellishment and nothing goes better than long necklaces, bracelets, and dangly earrings.

Antler Jewelry Holder

Easy Jewelry Holder

Revamp a discarded bulletin board to make a panel display of jewelry. Just push the pins into the board and get your possessions laid on it.

Wall Jewelry Holder

Jewelry Holder: Do It Yourself

An exciting addition to your dressing table for showcasing rings and necklaces, the beautifully molded hand exemplifies a unique form of art. As oodles of plaster of Paris have to be used, the project could get a bit messy.

Hand Jewelry Holder

Plate Stand for Jewelry

Vintage-designed glasses bolster up old, mismatched plates for holding your accessories.

DIY Jewelry Holder Stand

Dress Form Jewelry Holder

Here’s another unconventional style of organizing hordes of necklaces with a mannequin dressed in a sparkling pink gown.

Mannequin Jewelry Holder

Cabinet Door Jewelry Holder

A repurposed cabinet door frame and few cup hooks are the only materials you need to make a glossy jewelry display.

How to Make a Jewelry Holder

Wall-Mounted Jewelry Box

What could else be a better way to utilize a built-in wall cabinet than metamorphosing it into an up-to-date jewelry holder?

DIY Mirror Jewelry Holder

Homemade Jewelry Holder

Keep your most-worn jewelry intact on a framed jewelry organizer. Do not forget to cover the frame with a fresh coat of metallic paint.

DIY Hanging Jewelry Holder

Animal-Themed Jewelry Organizer

Your showcase might have a collection of mini animal toys. Why not give one of them a complete transformation by decorating with ostentatious accessories?

DIY Elephant Jewelry Holder

Cardboard Jewelry Holder

You won’t be able to stop patting your back after crafting a snazzy jewelry storage box for organizing magnificent dangles, studs, and statement rings all at one place.

DIY Jewelry Ring Holder

Driftwood Branch Jewelry Holder

A piece of driftwood made into a rugged necklace rack giving a whole new definition to your glitter embellishments.

DIY Jewelry Necklace Holder

Simple Way to Make Jewelry Holder

Perhaps, one of the most straightforward solutions for handling the burgeoning accessories is a spray-painted animal showpiece.

DIY Giraffe Jewelry Holder

Chicken Wire Jewelry Organizer

Next time, you stumble upon a distressed window frame when cleaning your garage or emptying the basement, do not throw it as your innumerable sets of jewelry are looking for a new storage space.

DIY Window Frame Jewelry Holder

Cheap Jewelry Holder

DIY Octopus Jewelry Holder

Jewelry Holder Idea

DIY Over The Door Jewelry Holder

Fashion Jewelry Display Board

DIY Cork Board Jewelry Holder

Wall Necklace Stand

DIY Pegboard Jewelry Holder

Stand Up Jewelry Organizer

DIY Teacup Jewelry Holder

Girls Jewelry Fabric Organizer

DIY Travel Jewelry Holder

There are more cool options for assembling umpteen fancy ornaments with repurposed wooden stuff, household items, or just anything that meets your eye. Now you can shop for some more trendy rings and lockets and chuck them into your DIY jewelry holder without tucking into the drawers of the dresser.

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