Craft: 20 Fascinating Ways to Make a Mason Jar Lamp

Mason jars not only come of great utility by accommodating the extra stuff in your kitchen but also acts as an ideal prop for making a variety of fascinating objects. If you have a knack for table lamps to enhance your home décor, then put your creative skills into action by making one from the upcycled mason jars that were about to make their way to the garbage bin. So let us get into action and take a quick glance at the several exciting instructions and tutorials for making these amazing mason jar lamps.

Fascinating Ways to Make a Mason Jar Lamp

DIY Mason Jar Lamp

The rocks and marbles filled in the mason jar increase its charm to a greater extent.

Mason Jar Lamp

DIY Mason Jar Pendant Light

This pendant light, when hung at the center of your living room similar to a chandelier, would look splendid.

Mason Jar Lamp DIY

Do-it-Yourself Olive Oil Lamp

If you are looking to light up your house with a lamp that would be less toxic and safe to burn, then the ones made with olive oil is your ideal pick. Ensure that you have the complete kit handy before starting this project to attain success.

Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Instructions to Make a Mason Jar Lamp

For the lampshade, you can even use an upcycled can, painted or polished.

How to Make a Mason Jar Lamp

Upcycled Oil Lamps Made from Mason Jars

If you desire to present them to your near and dear ones, then opt for small-sized mason jars and tie colorful ribbons around them.

Mason Jar Oil Lamps

Easy Steps to Make a Mason Jar Lamp

The burlap lamp shade sitting on the painted mason jar adds to its rustic look.

Mason Jar Lamp Diy

How to Make a Hanging Mason Jar Lamp

If you have planned for an in-house party, then make your home look grand by decorating your living room with plenty of mason jar lamps as shown in this picture. To create a stunning visual impact you can alternatively place wine bottle lamps in between the ones made from mason jars.

How to Make Mason Jar Lamps

Colorful Mason Jar Lamps

The colorful fillers intensify the beauty of the lights. You can even convert them to lanterns by hanging them on wires.

Mason Jar Lamps DIY

How to Make a Fall Mason Jar DIY Lamp

If you desire to change your house décor for fall, then try making this unique lampshade using a mason jar and stuffing it with felted fall leaves.

Mason Jar Lamp Idea

Way to Make a Mason Jar Table Lamp

You can paint the wine corks in different colors to make them look appealing.

Mason Jar Desk Lamp

DIY Painted Mason Jar Desk Lamp

Paint the jars keeping in mind the wall paint of your room.

Painted Mason Jar Lamp

Making a Garden Light out of Pallet Wood and Mason Jar

Though making this garden light is not an easy task, if you have a fascination for doing wooden projects then try attempting at it using pallet wood and a mason jar.

Wooden Mason Jar Lamp

Spring Banner Lampshade

The flags tied around the burlap lampshade give it a colorful look.

Mason Jar Table Lamp

Make a Mason Jar Oil Candle Lamp

The scented pinecones and cinnamon sticks along with essential oils give a soothing aroma to the candle lamp.

DIY Mason Jar Lamp

Magical Mason Jar Oil Lamp

Arrange many such decorated candles in your living room that would also serve the purpose of a lamp,  to enhance the charm.

How to Make Mason Jar Lamps

How to Make a Mason Jar Bauble Lamp

The colorful baubles glued onto the painted mason jar makes it look marvelous.

Glass Jar Lamp

Bird Nest Mason Jar Lamp

Mason Jar Lamp Shade

How to Make a Mason Jar Pipe Lamp

Mason Jar Pipe Lamp

Decorated Mason Jar Lamp

Primitive Mason Jar Lamp

If it is your first stint with mason jars and you desire to experiment your creative skills further, then try your hands at designing a candle holder, cup or lanterns with these multipurpose glass jars.

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