Outdoors and Garden: How to Build a Sandbox: 17 DIY Plans

Kids love to play with mud, sand and all things messy. Building them a sandbox could keep them engaged for hours together. Firstly, you need to hunt for a suitable area in the backyard with sufficient capacity. Then clear it off the outgrowth and get yourself to work with wood. The set of tutorials will guide you in the building.


Sandbox for Kids

Your backyard will be filled with cheerful voices as kids bathe themselves in sand while playing in awesome glee.


Building Your Own Sandbox

A covered sandbox will be your safest bet if you want to preserve it for long. Just slip the lid on when kids are not playing, and your handmade playground of sand is intact.


Covered Sandbox Instructions

For this project, we encourage you to use salvaged lumber. It is cheap and looks great.

DIY Sandbox

Stunning Homemade Sandbox

Since this is a place you will find your children frequently, make sure that they are sufficiently cleaned before entering the house.

Sandbox Plan

How to Build a Sandbox with Lid

Double-duty lids on a sturdy sandbox look gorgeous and are utilitarian. The fact that it converts into a seat adds on to its striking features.

DIY Sandbox with Cover

Wooden Sandbox with Seats

A few power tools and basic construction skills are all you need to nail this gorgeous project.

How to Build a Sandbox

Cool Sandbox Idea

Once you zero in on a spot to set your sandbox, you should start with your digging. Just make sure that you place four stakes at the corners of the chosen spot, to demarcate the area.

How to Make a Sandbox

DIY Sandbox Design

A sandbox with a canopy will guarantee hours of uninterrupted play for kids. It keeps the sand clean and protects young skin from the harsh effects of direct sunlight in summer.

Sandbox with Canopy

DIY Pirate Ship Sandbox Plan

Pirate Ship Sandbox

Toddler Sandbox with Lid and Benches

Homemade Sandbox

Sandbox on Wheels

Portable Backyard Sandbox

Big Outdoor Sandbox

Large Sandbox

Easy Sandbox

DIY Pallet Sandbox

Sandbox with Sails

DIY Boat Sandbox

Round Sandbox

If you are pressed for time, put an old plastic pool to good use by building this colorful sandbox.

DIY Sandbox Pool

Mini Sandbox Design

Small Sandbox

Unique Sandbox Idea

Standing Sandbox

Let kids enjoy the tactile experience of sands as they play in these delightful sandboxes. Now that you know the details let your saw and drill do the talking.

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