Woodworking Projects: 28 DIY Aquarium Stands with Plans

An aquarium stand adds to the looks of your fish tank by acting as a beautiful prop. You can build an aquarium stand of your own creatively by following this set of tutorials. What’s more? It will serve as a brilliant conversation starter and when you play host, guests cannot stop themselves from exclaiming at it.

Aquarium Stands

Sturdy Aquarium Stand

The beefed up structure featured here is suitable to support 180 gallon systems. You need to reinforce your floor that holds this massive stand in place. It befits reef tanks as well.

Aquarium Stand

30 Gallon Fish Tank Stand

You will be bowled over by this dapper aquarium holder made of dimensional lumber and plywood. This aquarium stand design befits 55 as well as 120-gallon aquarium tanks. 30-180 gallon tanks could be planned by tweaking the plan a little.

Making an Aquarium Stand

Cool Aquarium Stand Ideas

This voluminous aquarium stand raises your fishes, fries and reefs to a whole new level, not only in height but also in aesthetics. The instructions in the linked post help you to build the stand in three simple ways.

Fish Tank Stand

Fashionable Fish Tank Stand

This project presents you with a cheap alternative to buying a stand for your aquarium. It will be heartwarming to see your adorable pets swimming about over your handmade stand. A beautiful dimension to your interior décor, isn’t it?

Fish Tank Stand Plan

Wooden Aquarium Stand

Not a very high level of wood craftsmanship is demanded by this minimal plan to host your finned pets. Scraps come in handy during the build, so keep saving them for later as you proceed with the design.

55 Gallon Fish Tank Stand

Aquarium Stand Cabinet

The roomy cabinet that you will learn to make here boasts of an excellent oak plywood skin over the basic frame. The wooden top is movable to give easy access to feeding the fish and cleaning.

29 Gallon Aquarium Stand

Bulky Aquarium Stand

The instructions given in the linked post will walk you through the steps to construct this suave aquarium stand that holds about an 80-gallon tank.

DIY Aquarium Stand

Strong Fish Tank Stand

You might go wrong with the commercial aquarium stands as at times; they don’t support your fish tank well while at other times you don’t like their designs. Presenting here a simple plan that can be customized according to your needs.

75 Gallon Aquarium Stand

Stylish Aquarium Stand

Make a cozy nook at the corner of your house with this charming aquarium stand. Your colorful fishes and aquatic plants will look pretty swaying, tossing, turning and of course, swimming in this burly structure.

10 Gallon Fish Tank Stand

How to Build a Fish Tank Stand: Video

Here is a comprehensive step by step to make your own aquarium stand that sits pretty to enhance the beauty of your interior décor.

20 Gallon Long Aquarium Stand

Hefty Aquarium Stand DIY

Put your 40-gallon aquarium on this gorgeous piece of kiln-dried woodwork. Reap the benefits of this sort of wood with shrink and warp proof frames. The instructions come illustrated with the plan.

40 Gallon Aquarium Stand

Stunning Fish Tank Stand

We have here a video tutorial to build an aquarium stand on your own in simple steps. The design is suitable for 29-250 gallon fish tanks.

Aquarium Stand Plan

Artistic Aquarium Stand

You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket to give a dapper stand to your aquarium. This step-by-step explains you how. It is perfect for both 29 and 55-gallon tanks.

Fish Tank with Stand

Large Fish Tank Stand with Canopy

This wonder in wood can support a massive 125-gallon aquarium with ease. The directions come with the detailed plan and illustrations of the progress. The canopy makes the design unique.

125 Gallon Aquarium Stand

Steel Aquarium Stand

Metal Aquarium Stand

Utilitarian Corner Fish Tank Stand

This cheery piece saves on the floor space while adding on to the aesthetics of your den.

Corner Aquarium with Stand

Attractive Bow Front Aquarium Stand

A sturdy woodwork piece such as this comfortably hosts a 46-gallon bow front fish tank. It boasts of ample storage space and a classy design.

How to Build a Fish Tank Stand

Building Aquarium Stand at Home

Put your scrap wood to good use by giving shape to this neat prop to your aquarium. A fine house for your aquatic pets, isn’t it?

Custom Fish Tank Stand

Fish Tank Stand of Heavy Build

90 Gallon Aquarium Stand

Unique Aquarium Stand Design Idea

Bow Front Aquarium Stand

Wonderful Fish Tank Stand Plan

Fish Aquarium Stand

Easy Aquarium Stand

If you are good at woodworking and wood finishing, this project would be quite simple for you. It will be a great learning experience for the beginners in the craft to make this DIY fish tank stand.

Aquarium and Stand

Tiered Fish Tank Stand

This design of aquarium stand can hold around four 55 gallon fish tanks. Though the video tutorial depicts painting in black, you can use white or any other lighter color of your choice to match the color of your walls.

Double Aquarium Stand

How to Make Your Own Wooden Aquarium Stand

You can adjust the length and breadth of the design to make it suitable for 55 or 180-gallon fish tanks. The tutorial requires you to have the basic carpentry skills.

Wood Aquarium Stand

Breathtaking Aquarium Stand

Modern Aquarium Stand

Dimensional Fish Tank Stand

A clear step-by-step with explanatory pictures of the plan describes this tutorial.

Cube Aquarium Stand

Angular Aquarium Stand

This unique design of aquarium stand looks vintage and can house a 75-gallon hexagon fish tank.

Hexagon Aquarium Stand

Fish Tank Stand Instructions

Stun your guests with this spacious piece of woodwork that props up your finned friends with elan.

Homemade Aquarium Stand

You can go about the building process using a variety of materials such as oak, iron, etc. Just gather up the tools and get to work. You can get creative regarding the front panel design, paint and polish of your project.

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