Craft: 15 Engrossing Ways to Make a Burlap Bow

Besides adding a vintage flair, burlap has always made a mark in the world of simple crafts for its casual yet classy look. If you thought of stopping only at the burlap Christmas tree skirt and burlap wreath for this holiday season, then there are more surprises waiting for you ahead. Party favors, gift toppers, interior decoration items, and hair accessories will soon have an exclamation point when your hands start moving on those burlap ribbons to create an adorable bow craft.

How to Make Burlap Bow

Fall Burlap Bow

Appearing beige and rustic the gigantic bows sit well on the edges of the mantel adding a whimsical feel to your living space.

Burlap Bow

Burlap Bow for Christmas

Buck up the cheerful grandeur of your Christmas tree placing a cute burlap bow at the top that pairs well with the ornaments and glowing lights.

Burlap Bow

Perfect Burlap Bow

Aren’t oversized bows versatile? Try fitting to one of your long black dresses and ring in the New Year with style.

DIY Burlap Bow

How to Make a Burlap Bow for a Wreath

Amp up your basic schoolgirl braid look with a charming chevron bow, keeping the required size in mind. Of course, the bigger version will find a place in any of your interior decor accents for a holiday-ready look.

How to Make a Bow with Burlap

Burlap Lace Bow

Tying cute lace burlap bows on the wedding chair strikes the right chord with the rest of the decoration.

Burlap Pew Bow

Make a Burlap Bow

Punch your New Year party decor with a throng of dusky brown bows coordinating well with the color scheme of your room amid the preppy accessories.

Burlap Ribbon Bow

How to Make a Bow with Green Burlap Ribbon

A polka dot headband bedecked with a pretty burlap bow ups the fun factor in your hairstyle. It surely looks sleek and chic with every casual outfit.

Wired Burlap Bow

Interesting Burlap Bow Pattern

Doesn’t this darling bow gives off a warm vibe when used as a topper for a friend’s birthday gift?

Burlap Bow Tutorial

Fancy Burlap Bow

Voted as a nifty decor piece, you can think beyond the conventional decoration ways and come up with a brand new idea.

Burlap Bow Idea

How to Tie a Burlap Bow

Use a chevron-designed burlap ribbon to make a swoon-worthy wall hanging decor giving your interiors a drastic upgrade.

Chevron Burlap Bow

No-Sew Burlap Bow

The groom with his semi-formal evening wear will have another reason to adore the bow. Do we always need to be brand-conscious?

Burlap Bow Tie

Burlap Bow for Chairs

Amid the vibrant wedding hues, a touch of fawn not only adds a rustic appeal but also motivates you to keep everything minimalistic and simple.

Burlap Wedding Bow

How to Make a Bow Out Of Burlap Ribbon

Burlap Hair Bow

Burlap Bow for White Christmas Tree

How to Make Burlap Bow

Burlap Bow for Summer Wreath

How to make Burlap Bow

These simple bow-making tricks with a plain burlap ribbon are more than enough to encourage you to pull off an enchanting bow even at the eleventh hour of your party preparations. Pick your favourite tutorial and get set for a fun-filled DIY weekend.

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