Craft: 16 DIY Cardboard Playhouses

Delight your little ones by building a cute cardboard playhouse with the below enlisted tutorials as guide. The playhouse will be a fun packed experience for the kids as they gather round it with playful anticipation.

Cardboard Playhouses

Cozy Cardboard Playhouse

This splendid cardboard house was built from a giant cardboard box that originally held a gas grill. The interior packaging material of the appliance was put to good use. However, you can substitute that with your own handmade stuff.

Cardboard Playhouse

DIY Cardboard Castle Playhouse

Let your kids live life king size in this majestic castle having a medieval look. If you have a baby girl, etch her name in the front prefixed with “Princess”.

Cardboard Castle Playhouse

Bright Cardboard Playhouses

By nature, children are imaginative. You will be amused at the ideas they cook up on when nested in these colorful playhouses.

Cardboard Playhouses

Bloomy Cardboard Playhouse

This playhouse made with 3 large packing boxes, 1 roll of black duct tape and ½ a roll of clear masking tape boasts of cozy chambers for the mailbox, doghouse and box windows with flowers. Playtime will be long with this splendid plan of playhouse.

Cardboard Box Playhouse

Simple Cardboard Playhouse

Involve kids to make this simple roofed structure out of cardboard. You can use construction paper cut in circles to decorate this warm den. Complete with a doorknob made of old wine cork.

DIY Cardboard Playhouse

Cardboard Spaceship Playhouse

To space and back! Give wings to your child’s imagination with this rocket cardboard playhouse. Involve the little ones to cultivate building skills in them.

Cardboard Rocket Playhouse

Fun Cardboard Playhouse

If you are hunting for handmade gifting ideas for a kid’s birthday party, this tutorial will offer you respite. Made with minimal supplies, it hosts a couple of slanting roofs, a bulky chimney and a gorgeous front door.

Cardboard Playhouse for Kids

Fancy Cardboard Playhouses

Cardboard Pirate Ship Playhouses

Collapsible Cardboard Playhouse

This foldable cardboard playhouse is perfect for small playroom floor spaces. When the kids are tired with it, you can simply collapse it down flat making room for easy storage.

How to Make a Cardboard Playhouse

Cardboard Playhouse for Cats

The big playhouse will house your pets comfortably. The multiple tiny windows have been given a charming touch by adorning with blossoms.

Cardboard Cat Playhouse

Country Cardboard Playhouse

Treat your kids to loads of fun with this stunning barn playhouse. You can allow them to draw and color cute farm animals on the cardboard for honing their creative skills.

Cardboard Barn Playhouse

Amazing Cardboard Box Playhouse

Presenting a dainty albeit cheap idea to keep children engaged for hours. Let them lounge comfortably in its interiors and indulge in high dose entertainment as fuel for their young minds.

Colored Cardboard Cottage Playhouse

Large Cardboard Playhouse

Bring on the holiday season in style with this lovely homemade Eskimo playhouse for your little ones. You can paint it in a color of your choice. White should fit the bill. Babies look as adorable cuddled in it as their soft toys.

Cardboard Igloo Playhouse

Cool Cardboard Playhouse

Modern Cardboard Playhouse

Decorated Cardboard Playhouse

Children love to build and embellish gingerbread houses. Allow them a twist in the festive activity with this pretty cardboard house as the base.

Cardboard Gingerbread Playhouse with Template

How to Make a Cardboard Fort Playhouse

Life Size Cardboard Playhouse

With such wonderful plans up your sleeve, gear up for giving shape to your very own cardboard playhouse. Whether it’s a party, family gathering or Christmas, the creatively done cardboard dens are sure to garner a lot of excitement.

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