Craft: 16+ DIYs to Make a Lego Pinata

Forget battery-operated cars, ping pong balls, and doll houses as Legos are now ruling the toy market for its innovative building challenges. Taking some inspiration from the nifty building bricks, you can throw the best birthday bash for your kiddo, making a fancy piñata filled with mouth-watering candies, stationery items, crackers, and toys. Here are […]

Craft: 19+ DIY Balloon Centerpieces

Balloon centerpieces look cheery and add a fun element to your celebrations. You can choose air or helium balloons made of latex or foil for your craft. The other supplies are pretty simple as evident in the below tutorials. Pictures of Disney princesses, Elmo, Pokemon, Spongebob, Avengers, Bubble Guppies, Cookie Monster, Doc McStuffins, Dr. Seuss, […]

Craft: 9+ Cool DIYs to Make a Minion Pinata

Minions, the tiny creatures, popularly appearing in the Despicable Me franchise is a hot favorite among many particularly the little ones. Why not surprise your kiddos by making piñatas out of minions for their birthdays or any special occasion. You can either follow the paper mache technique or even make creative piñatas using tin cans […]