Craft: Popsicle Stick Snowflakes: 17 DIYs

While you gear up for decorating your home during Christmas, how can you leave snowflakes behind! Amongst the variety of upcycled stuff you can make snowflakes from, popsicle sticks are one of them. Gather a whole lot of these sticks and arrange them into cool looking snowflakes. The given tutorials would acquaint you with a clear […]

Craft: 7 Felt Ball Rug DIY Ideas

If you have made many woolen felt balls this winter, weave them into colorful rugs for warmth and comfort in the chilling months. In case you are a novice into sewing, then the following instructions would give you a perfect guide for making a felt ball rug. DIY Felt Ball Rug Multicolored Felt Ball Rug: […]

Craft: Bunting Banner: 27 How-To’s

Bunting banners come handy as spectacular party supplements giving photo-obsessed enthusiasts to pose and take few social media-ready clicks. That apart, you can dress the bare walls, deck the table on a special occasion, or simply add tons of hues to your interiors. Have a look at the following bunting beauties for a fun-filled fiesta. […]

Craft: 20 Doily Lamp Patterns

These ornamental mats are a unique choice for making various creative craft objects because of its gorgeous appeal. If you have an immense passion for decorating your interiors with bright lamps, consider making one using a doily. You would be amazed at the excellent outcome of your creativity. You can either do a paper mache […]

Craft: 10+ DIY Seashell Candles and Holders

Many a time the abundant seashore treasures you stumble upon on a beach outing are collected as sweet vacation souvenirs and tucked inside the drawers. We are talking about the priceless seashells scattered on the sandy beaches that could be turned into one-of-kind accents instead for your abode. Learn an easy trick to make stunning […]

Craft: 16 DIYs to Make a Necklace Holder

You may have necklaces of different designs and patterns, and organizing them is your topmost priority so that they do not get misplaced. Instead of shelling out a handsome amount in buying showy holders, you could consider channelizing your creative skills and make them at home. Check out the tutorials to design fabulous necklace holders […]