Fashion: How to Make a No-Sew Tutu: 32 DIYs

Tutu skirts, the fashionable, short-length, ballerina outfits, have been highly sought after by women and especially young girls in the present times who would love to deck up in these stylish skirts for any occasion. If you possess an immense passion for making these gorgeous outfits without going through the pangs of using the needle […]

Craft: 9 DIY Burlap Placemats

You cannot deny the fact that adding burlap to your art and craft projects renders a charming distressed look to your creations. Well, here you will learn how to utilize the versatile fabric in making brilliant placemats for your table. Who doesn’t love a twist in home décor? Burlap Placemats How to Make Burlap Placemats […]

Craft: 10 DIY Tutorials for Making a Book Clutch

Avid book readers always have some new additions to their personal library. So what happens to the vintage books with tattered covers and near-to-finish pages? Rather than discarding the textual tomes, you can downsize them into a dapper clutch, lending an ultra new look courtesy a bedecked fabric cover. Browse through the following tutorials to […]